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Technical Motorbike Help

Squealing rear brake .. the answer

Squealing rear brake .. the answer - Forums [Biker Match] Squealing rear brake .. the answer - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squealing rear brake .. the answer

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Further down this section someone was asking about the cure for a rear brake squealing issue ... the post is locked so I could not reply.

There is only one cause for this and only one solution.

The cause is ... pad chatter, it vibrates at such a high frequency the result is the high pitched noise you hear.

The solution ... copper slip grease ... remove the pads, clean them, a cloth will do, maybe some soapy water if you are a fuss pot ... apply a generous amount of grease to the all the surfaces that come into contact with the caliper. IE: ... the back that touches the piston, the parts that slide etc etc .. obviously not the friction surface.

NEVER grind or try to modify a pad to fit, if it does not fit ... get ones that do.

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Deleted Member @ 02/02/2014 16:15  

another cure is to file a chamfer on the side edges of the friction compound. if you do use copperslip (it works) do not get ANY on the friction compound whatsoever.
and make sure the pads move easily in the callipers.

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xj @ 03/02/2014 08:49  

Or the pads could be old and to hard...
another solution is...Dnt use the brake!¬

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rossoandy21 @ 04/02/2014 08:44  

The post locks after 2 mouths of no new posts being added

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JP @ 04/02/2014 17:32  

Worn locating pins and shims cause squeeling and juddering as well..replace all worn parts.

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Deleted Member @ 27/02/2014 08:33  

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