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Another Nutter let loose....

Another Nutter let loose.... (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Another Nutter let loose.... (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Another Nutter let loose....

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Sorry for some reason I missed this thread....well done R.A. I wish you many, many years of safe and happy riding

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Speedy Claire @ 15/09/2007 15:38  

fantastic new's road angel!!!! Have fun an take care Hope your son's all better soon hun

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nutty tart @ 15/09/2007 18:26  

hi guys and gals, thanks fo rthe messages and congratulations, all very sweet! I must put you right though, when i said "little boy", i meant my cat!!!- well he is my little boy. I love my animals. I just re-read the thread and realised it sounded like i was talking about one of my children, which is not the case, both fit and well! (Sorry guys)

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roadangel @ 15/09/2007 20:09  

Haha i had a tear in my eye reading the posts easy mastake to make. I wondered why you still went for that bike test. Not all bad great news drive save

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weemo2007 @ 16/09/2007 00:02  

hey RA - congrats & glad your wee boy's (cat) is ok to

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Holmfirthgirl @ 16/09/2007 05:30  

Hi RA big congrats on passing your test - been there done that not so very long ago!!. Hope you realise now this is when you really learn how to ride a bike though!!! Take it steady, take your time, ride for yourself and within your capabilities and ride defensively always e.g. "who's going to kill me next" cos when you stop thinking that.................they probably will lol!!! Enjoy the challenge but dont be pushed too hard before you are ready.............this is how and when you get your experience behind you. it's meant to be fun not an ordeal likethe test surely is lmao!!! Have fun but stay safe may not be you, but it's all them other b.......s lol!! Sandy x

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Deleted Member @ 16/09/2007 08:33  

congrats RA well done hun

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RC @ 16/09/2007 08:41  

 Posts: 27       Pages: 2/2

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