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Moderator Wanted

Moderator Wanted (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Moderator Wanted (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Moderator Wanted

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hey duuuuuude - welcome home!!!!

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Matt @ 25/08/2007 09:37  

Awwwwwwwwwww I could pump purple pee in pleasure. What a welcome. Right first things first, who has the communial preparation H these days? OK on a serious note, I will warn you that for September I may not be around much, especially as some of the time I will be in Sweden. (yippee) Apparently it is expensive there (groan) But bed and food is paid for by the company (yippee) The beer I pay for myself (groan) Sweden is full of healthy blondes (yippee) Some of them are not girls (groan) Errrrr Can you smoke in a pub in Sweden?

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rubecula @ 26/08/2007 00:51  

haha - no think the smoking is just here in Holland

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Matt @ 26/08/2007 07:47  

Come on! Anymore want to apply before I make my decision!

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Di @ 30/08/2007 05:02  

Any decision made yet Di?

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Blueboy955i @ 02/09/2007 18:56  

Nope, been away for the weekend, mind was on other things Will let you know soon.

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Di @ 03/09/2007 15:54  

now I know Im blonde and to many this may be an obvious or even stupid question.......................(gonna ask it anyway!!) exactly what does a moderator have to do plz Di (and dont say moderate!!!!) clarification plz e.g. time committment, role, etc etc would be helpful to know -thanks!! Sandy

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Deleted Member @ 05/09/2007 06:47  

It's the highest level role that members can have on the site. Basically - your responsibility is to make sure everyone here has a safe and enjoyable stay, no matter how you do it. My responsibilities should be to ensure the other staff have the tools to do their jobs. For example: I've created an area for staff where you can see who's profiles have changed or been added, what events haven't been checked, etc etc. You also have control over the forums - so in general day-to-day reading of the forums, you remove anything that isn't posted in a friendly manner. You can also change users passwords, disable/enable accounts and profiles, ban/unban IP addresses, delete photographs and set a user's "best photo" - plus more. There's really no minimum time constraints - just as much as you can. Basically, whilst using the site in the normal way - you have the ability to remove anything unsuitable etc. Whilst viewing profiles, make sure there are no profanities or naked pictures etc. Whilst reading the forums, delete things that aren't good for the site or members. See where this is going? :-) But - the bigger the team, the less time is required from each moderator and the more chance we have of catching malicious activity sooner (Thus ensuring a safer and more pleasant stay for all users)

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Matt @ 05/09/2007 06:54  

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