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Speeding!!!!!! - Forums [Biker Match] Speeding!!!!!! - Forums [Biker Match]
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I just had a summons for speeding.......... 35mph on the A5. I wouldn't mind so much (well I would really) but I am sure that at that time and date I was busy setting up the track for a charity track day where I work. What the bloody hell is going on? Kind of pees you off a bit doesn't it? There is a biker meet on Wednesdays near here (Holyhead) I went along for the first time this week and when I got there a police car was sitting in Tesco's over the road watching with a funny "hairdryer" aimed at all the bikers. They ignored the chav's in the VW GTi's etc. Biased or what?

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rubecula @ 16/09/2006 07:12  

i know what you mean , its the same with after market cans for bikes , we all get pulled over if the pipe sounds to loud but the chavs in there gti's can strap a dust bin on the back to make it sound silly and look stuiped and have a boom box to drown the pipe out but you never see them getting pull for the stereo being to loud or pipes ???

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firebladekid @ 17/09/2006 09:29  

It seems that bikers are bad boys pure and simple.

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rubecula @ 17/09/2006 09:38  

woohoo i love bad boys lmao

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Sexysmirnoff @ 17/09/2006 09:45  

make sure you appeal that ticket! Get some sort of proof that it cant have been you, and tell them that someone must have copied your number plate (Its actually a big business that in the UK!).

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Matt @ 17/09/2006 11:14  

Hey rube, do you know that the law on speeding states to comperstate for your speedo reading you are allowed 10% + 2mph for the road that you are on. So in effect just in case your speedo was not reading the correct speed, a 30 mph road has got to allow 3mph + 2mph + 35mph. Appeal mate. This was in last years MCN.

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SP @ 19/08/2008 11:46  

Too late SP!!! He's already paid the fine!!

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Di @ 19/08/2008 12:48  

MCN = More Crap than News. Sorry, but I don't think you can rely on what they say. They're like The Sunday Sport of bike mags. However, according to website like They are actually correct 10% +2mph. Yet somehow, people get done for 33 in a 30.....

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ttaskmaster @ 19/08/2008 12:50  

Speed guns do lie If the gun was not held firmly on the target, 'slippage' led to faulty readings. A movement of as little as the width of a human hair was enough to create mistakes Police speed guns do make mistakes, the Government has admitted for the first time. .

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pony123 @ 19/08/2008 13:12  

well from what my traffic cop mate told me - the 10% rule + 2 isn't actually LAW - it's more like a rule of thumb & sort of depends on the county you're in.

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Holmfirthgirl @ 19/08/2008 13:12  

HI Di, Bit slow then wasn't i Hi TM, got to admit, some of it is ok, even if only for the racing dates . Hi HFG , if you've got a friend like that, i'm keeping my mouth shut. .

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SP @ 19/08/2008 13:28  

Yet somehow, people get done for 33 in a 30.....

& yet somehow again, others don't get done for 37 in a 30... ;o) Even when they hold their hands up to it... or perhaps because they do and are suitably contrite? ;o)

Although on another occasion, I was stopped because I looked like I might have been going to speed.... Eh? How very dare I accelerate away from a roundabout!

On those grounds they could stop any motorist in the country in the belief that possibly one day in the future they might potentially go 1 mph above the posted limits! Heheheh!

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Wannabe @ 19/08/2008 13:45  

From what I have read, Police will not prosecute below 10% + 2 mph in a 30 mph zone. That means that they will prosecute at 35 mph but not at 34 mph. 1 mph difference, how the hell can a speed camera, especially a hand held be that accurate. I have seen documentaries showing a camera pointed at a house that gave a reading that it was moving at about 4 mph. I have also read that the government rely on most road users that get a speeding ticket to accept it as a fair cop and pay up but also that a high proportion of 'Contested' tickets are not persued. The documentation sent with a speeding ticket usually tells you that the police have photgraphic evidence proving you guilty and although the photographic evidence is not available to you, it will be provided at a court case should you contest the ticket. Perhaps a more knowledgeable person than me could clarify this but I always thought that any evidence should be made freely available to the person concerned, before any court case. The ticket also indicates that if you do not pay the fine on time (Which would usually expire before the time it takes you to contest it and also the time it would take to ask for the photographic evidence that they have already indicated is not available to you), you will incur extra costs. So you cough up the £ 60:00 plus 3 points or take the gamble, most cough up, they just want to get it over with. Alternatively, quite often, on a first offence, you are offered a speed awareness course. This usually costs a little more than the fine but saves any conviction and points on your licence. Most folk jump at this chance. You spend half a day being told and shown (By a private company) what excessive speed can cause and participate in a 'Hazard awareness' video thingy, where you keep pressing a button when you spot a potential hazard. If you ride a bike, you are pressing the button virtually continously because you see potential hazards ranging from kids who may decide to run out into the road to guys just sitting in their cars having a fag, who might decide to open the door on you. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of folk out there that ride and drive too fast and need telling but for most it is for just a few mph over the limit and personally, I don't think the course will improve their driving/riding or even needs to, but it does sort out the problem of the points on the licence. If you think that you were not speeding and have the balls to go through with it, contest it. Alternatively, there are solicitors out there that specialise in this sort of thing. It would be nice to get a professional angle on this to find out how successful they are in contesting speeding tickets. Name & Address withheld for fear of recriminations..

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M.S. @ 19/08/2008 16:29  

The 10% +2 is discretionary. I am pretty sure it is not actually law. If an officer sees a motorist driving at 34mph then they are unlikely to nick them. However, if that motorist was also weaving amongst traffic or chasing ambers at traffic lights, then that may well be a different tale.

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geoffb2005 @ 21/08/2008 17:55  

I have only be pulled for what he said was speedy once in a car, at the time i think i was do 45 in a 30 mph zone on the wrong side of the rode with a passenger hanging half out the window. yeah i know stupid and no i not proud of it, just saying true story so i got pulled and had to get out of my car and sit in the police car while it tried to highlight the dangers of my action. well at this point all i could think about was how screwed i was going to be when all of a sudden something came over there car radio, must of been very important as i was told it was very lucky this time, get out of the car quick and don't let me catch you again. which i did and they sped off, still wonder what happened that was more important but i did learn a lesson there and have been and tried to be a carefull driver since now i am two wheels just been try to do the same.

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Blitz @ 31/08/2008 07:02  

I heard a while back that none of the police hand held speed guns have been trialed on bikes sure it was a court case and some lawyer was asking for the Cal certs Also why do they threaten you with £1000 fine if you contest the ticket I was sure we lived democracy where you were inocent antil proven guilty and intitled to your day in court

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micksaway @ 01/09/2008 16:17  

Contesting a speeding ticket on faulty signing.

   Update Reply
M.S. @ 01/09/2008 19:15  

Know what you mean, just got pulled friday in car 80 in a 60 but in my defence I was overtaking in a "crawler lane" only chance to overtake on A96 between aberdeen and inverness, tight arses were sitting in a junction over brow of hill. Oh well!! 3 points and £60 fine, suppose they could have marched me out at dawn and shot me with the other big time crims!!

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Yammydodger @ 01/09/2008 19:33  

oops bad lad lol hmmmmmmmmmm now wheres my evil twin

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RC @ 01/09/2008 21:22  

I like this one because it's much more 'presentable' lol...

   Update Reply
Matt @ 02/09/2008 12:56  

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