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Would you beleive it ?

Would you beleive it ?  - Forums [Biker Match] Would you beleive it ?  - Forums [Biker Match]
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Would you beleive it ?

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Went to the V-Max Rally by Lyndhurst in the New Forest this weekend. Pretty dry riding back, bit of spray as we approached Solihull, pulled up outside my house in coleshill. Some t**t had parked across my drive so couldn't get car out of the garage to get bike and luggage in. The heavens opened and we got drownded. Bl**dy typical. The tent etc is hanging in the garage drying out as I type!!

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Kate5930 @ 15/07/2007 17:56  

Should have let the tyres down, i would have. Sorry Kate

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lcotgrave @ 15/07/2007 17:58  

hmmm i get the same thing on my drive at home kate but the bonus is i'm getting a nice collection of wing mirrors to ebay & make up for the inconveniance

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Deleted Member @ 15/07/2007 18:45  

Did you know that if some one has parked across your drive you can call the police & get them to contact the owner & tell them to move it? Its also a criminal offence to block a driveway reguardless of whether it has white lines or not. Best thing to do is take a picture on your phone of the reg & parking position,then stick a note under the windscreen wiper informing the driver of what you have done & that you are giving the evidence to the police & you may take legal action,they'l never park there again if they're not stupid

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oggy @ 15/07/2007 19:14  

Grrr I can't be doin with inconsiderate folk I once had my gateway blocked by a car, I was heavily pregnant at the time and if I had needed the ambulance I would have had to be stretchered/carried over the neighbours wall, or walk (waddle lol) all way round from the back of the house to the front.

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Sandi @ 15/07/2007 20:35  

good advice from oggy. My advice would be to let the tyres down AND take out the valves. They will then get a tyre pump to pump them back up (After a lot of faffing about) only to find that they've no valves either! How funny would that be to see their faces? Dont let it stress you out, you can have a right laugh with these inconsiderate... ******s

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Matt @ 16/07/2007 13:41  

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