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BM Website Issues/Help Requests

Thanks Matt

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Thanks Matt

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10 pages and 495 members on line. Not been like that for a while. Suspect partly in response to your message you've sent out to all members, Matt. I for one would like to say a big thank you for all your gruelling and committed time n dedication you have spent on singlehandedly building our new site for us. Sure there have been bugs n glitsches but you have responded rapidly whenever you were faced with these issues. New site looks cleaner, mod and fresher. I love it. Now go n get yourself a decent well deserved chill out break with the fam. Come along to Hallowistmas! Lol. ????xx

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Catkins @ 17/11/2017 19:03  

Ha ha it's dem sabotaging ???? again 😂 try again.... 😊👍

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Catkins @ 17/11/2017 19:06  

11 pages n 542 members online. Is getting like Jinxie's bee petition thread lol

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Catkins @ 17/11/2017 19:52  

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