Blue tooth head set ?

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Hi looking at buying a couple of head sets that are rider to pilly and rider to rider but don't want to spend a fortune. I've seen the bet Bluetooth head set x 2 , 1200 metres version on eBay for £62 . Was wondering if anyone had used them or do I need a better set. Opinions will be appreciated. Paul

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Hi deeply ive found the fodsport head set really good and for the price canny go wrong, you can have up to 6 riders connected and its rang for about a mile, down side small buttons but they is the option for remote fitted to handle bars of your bike, hope that helps.
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I use a Scala rider Q1 team set for rider to pillion and also rider to rider if the other rider doesn't get too far away, few hundred meters range at most, but re connects if you come back in range. Connects to sat nav, phone and mp3 also has rds radio built in. Glove friendly buttons. Easy to swap into other helmets and two different microphone options,  boom (half face) wired (full face) everything included in the box for two units, two chargers etc. I paid about 220 from amazon but could be some on ebay cheaper. You can replace most bits separately if need to.
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Hi Deeply,
I agree with Guinness Rider, my brother an I bought Fodsports V6 pro, think they were about £60 a pair, we recently did a trip to Spain and France, good up to about half a mile but wind noise after 60 mph makes it not so good, mind  you we had open face helmets, better microphone foam would improve them, however for the money they are amazing. Easy to follow instruction video on You Tube is great . 
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Fodsports have some good gear, at a fraction of the price of big name stuff. I,ve got one of their satnavs every bit as good as a tomtom or garmin, about £84.                                                                                                                                                                             
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I would be interested to know how you get on with placing the speakers in your helmet lining.

Are you using a lid that already has them, or cutting them into the inner foam?

I've tried adding speakers in my lid, and found it awkward and painful.
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I have had quite a few Bluetooth sets for helmets, and all seemed good for the price, but none really just lasted long enough. batteries popped or water damage. For a biker comm kit they were rubbish, Best one I had, and still use, was the Scarla Rider Q3, but they aint cheap, BUT I haven't replaced it in two years so far. for a solo kit your looking at £120-ish                                                                                                                                                                             
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interfone, works in scotland, work anywhere lolBeer                                                                                                                                                                             

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