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Can anyone advise on this issue please?

I've recently updated my main profile picture in my account to show a different photo than I started with.

However, it seems that when I look at old threads it seems to keep posting the old picture up and not the new one.

I've even deleted all the pictures in the main profile folder and put just the one in that I want, but still it is showing the old picture so I'm a little confused if it's something I'm doing/not doing correctly or if it's a little bug in the system or if the very first picture you put in the main profile folder is the one that stays on every thread there after?

Any help or advise would be appreciated - Thanks Smile
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Hi there, I cant help sorry but I can confirm I see the pic of you on a bike/(trike) is that the one you want up?  or your old one... either way there's nothing wrong with the one you have up! :)                                                                                                                                                                             
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Not sure but could be it has to be approved by a moderator                                                                                                                                                                             
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Mods don't need to approve photos (although if inappropriate pics can be changed)

Go to your pic and click on it so it goes large, then click on the cog wheels in top right.  Then click on the star.   

Sorry if it sounds like I'm being patronising, but not sure what you tried before.

If that is what you've done drop Matt a pm and let him know
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Every time I've changed profile pic in the past it has changed the pic in all my historic posts.
If your profile pic has updated for new posts but not old ones then I expect Matt has changed something to break old posts linking to current profiles.
I'm sure all your old profile pics are fine.
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Cheers Rowanblossom for that advice. It was the star that I needed to click on to update, my profile picture has now changed.  It's always something simple isn't it LOL

Thanks to everyone else that responded, much appreciated Thumbs Up


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