New Eco-Vignette required for certain parts of France

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From January 2017 motorists face fines if they drive into Paris, Grenoble or Lyon (with more cities following) without displaying a Crit'Air vignette as new anti-pollution measures are implemented. Foreign vehicles (trucks, cars, motorcycles, scooters etc.) are going to have to follow suit but the website to order the sticker for non French residents is only going to be available from 1st February 2017. Expect no mercy from the French police after 1st April 2017 if you're a visiting tourist without a sticker. Fines for not displaying the Crit'Air vignette start at 68 Euro. The only place to order the Crit'Air vignette is the official French government website: The price is currently 3.70 Euro not including postage. I don't know for sure if that is going to be the same portal for foreigners wishing to buy the sticker as it won't be up and running until 1 February 2017. BUT and BEWARE - there are already a number of fake websites in operation and willing to rip you off. The main one seems to be Unfortunately it opts up on top of any Google searches as they've named their website for the name of the vignette - smart move. The site looks really nice, almost professional, but poor grammar and spellings are evident. They want you to give them 29.65 Euro via PayPal. Stay away from that site - you have been warned. More bad news: If your motorcycle was registered prior to 1 June 2000 you can't get a Crit'Air vignette so you're effectively banned from entering any cities where this system is in operation. For some cars the cut-off is 1997. See the attached jpg of a document which details what type of sticker is required for which type of vehicle. Regards (Thanks to EricT on horizons unlimited for reporting this)
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This is exactly the sort of pathetic legislation that should encourage us to get our arses out of the EU as fast as possible..dreamt up by some Brussels-based non-rider to generate a few more Euros in fines and admin.costs...probably the same divvy that tried to get type approval rubber stamped many years ago...who needs it??
AND,having visited the suggested website.....if they did an English language version of their video and instructions,i would be more than happy to try and accommodate their draconian the meantime i hope my cheery non-compliance won't turn into an international incident in late June....                                                                                                                                                                             
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Apparently the emissions cert lasts the life time of the vehicle.Thumbs Up                                                                                                                                                                             

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