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OK..must be time for me to ask a silly question posed a thousand times before... Confused
Why isn't it possible to create an active link between the event and the relevant post?
Example Event: Pick Up A Pillion Day 23 April 2017
Related Forum post: Pick Up A Pillion Day 23 April 2017
I would've thought that would save loadsa bumping, repasting and constantly having to repeat stuff?
Updates are great, but to have post and event directly linked would also make it easier to switch between the two and help keep things live and current.
It could also enable tagging for the subject across the site, creating a relevant relationship that might help with increasing awareness.
I've seen it configured in other similar software apps. I being too off planet?
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Bebe D-Oie

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Hiya, I totally agree this would make things so much easier for everyone.  Jx Thumbs Up                                                                                                                                                                             
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Brummie Jackie

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There is a link on threads to the event but yep a link from events to the thread would be handy Smile                                                                                                                                                                             
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I asked Matt about 5 years ago to do that when he was at mcn and I'm still waiting                                                                                                                                                                              
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JP, when a man says he'll do something, he'll do something. You don't need to remind him every 5 years!!! LOL

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LOL WML at Cornholio's comment.

I have a vague memory of this topic being discussed in the past but don't recall the responses.
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lol sorrrrry.  Reminder duly noted

I'd say:  Put a link to the event in the first post of the topic. Then put a link to the forum topic in the web-link field of the event.  If there's an external link already on the event then put the link in the description.  I will work some magic to make the event descriptions automatically create a hyperlink if a link is detected.

How's that sound?

Mods can also help edit existing events and forum topics if necessary - just drop them an email.

Currently redesigning the site and will also keep this issue in mind.

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