Cleaners for brake dust

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I've been reading up (and watching the many YouTube videos) on the best ways to clean a motorcycle. I was wondering what you guys use to clean the brake dust from wheel rims. SDOC100 seems to be the best non-corrosive option, perhaps some of you could weigh in on this one. In the past I've used Muck-Off, but have since learnt that it is laden with salt! Think this may have explained a calliper lock-up on a previous bike. So, new bike, new cleaning regime to keep it looking smart and prolong its mechanical lifespan.
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Diesel Pete

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WD40. Best bike cleaning product out there and it shifts stuff nothing else will, won't corrode anything and is cheap. You can buy 5lt tubs off it for little money.. £25? if memory serves and that will last forever.

I recently did 4500 miles in a couple of weeks in very hot countries so the brake dust was baked on my wheels and a quick spray and wipe shifted it no bother.

Then wash your bike with your favorite bike cleaner or car shampoo taking special care to ensure you haven't got any WD40 overspill on your tyres of course!

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wounder wheels works well but will destroy any ally thats exposed or damaged along with anodised fastners. dont use on calipers.

muc off shouldnt kill brake calipers unless there already on there way out best way to clean them is wash off with plenty of water and brake cleaner.

never had anything but good results with muck off. wd40 works well but be carefull on some plastics and ruberised surfaces as it will melt oil baised plastics.

after washing cover the bike with a protective layer. wd40 is ok ut it attracts dirt and washes off very easly in the rain. i use a silicon based product lice scf50 or the muc off one.

never wash the bike with washing up liquid that realy is laiden with salt. often 70% or more of it is salt.
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As Diesel Pete says, WD40 Total clean is spot on for cleaning and removes dried on stuff easily, In fact all WD40 products are good, they have been around for 63 years for a reason.                                                                                                                                                                             
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Best thing I've found is scarily baby wipes. God knows what's in them as I use them on the kids but just cut through grease and brake dust like nothing on earth. They do leave a residue so have to clean with soap and water after anyway but I think that's the same with most cleaners.
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Have to agree with Busa's findings...used some ancient baby wipes(cheapest Tesco Variety) that i found in the back of a kids are now in their twenties,lol...but opened packet,still moist so tried back wheel on Speed Triple...wahay!!                                                                                                                                                                             

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