Trip to South West Ireland - Any recommendations/tips/gotchas?

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I'm looking at riding down to see a mate in the far south west of Ireland (Dingle), probably late June or July. Just wondered if anyone had toured in Eire and if there are any pitfalls, gotchas or general advice and guidance. Just as an FYI, I will be riding down to Fishguard or Pembroke, ferry over to Rosslare then down to Dingle. Looks like the whole journey is around 12-14 hours.
Thanks in Anticipation.
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book a cottage  unless your staying with you mate 
 the fury crossing is cheaper thou the cottage company 
shop at aldi food expensive there but it cheep to eat out 
dingle is great  
the cliffs are spectacular and Galway is a must   
been  a few times and going back this year 

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Hi I've just come home from a fantastic week in Ireland, first couple of days was wet but after that weather was good.
Dingle is defo a must, covered around 1300 miles. We rented a house in Tamonbarry nr Longford and also B & B in Kilarney for 2 nights didnt find it expensive at all. Made cooked breakfast every morning, sandwiches for lunch and a flask and a meal out in the evening and now starting a diet tomoz lol
Some great roads but also watch out for the potholes!
I will defo go back sooner rather than later but have a safe trip and enjoy Smile
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Hi Dirger, great area although some of the roads can be a bit rough.
Are you just going over to see your mate? Or do a bit of touring as well? I spent two weeks touring S.Ireland under canvas a couple of years ago &wouldn't mind a return visit, especially to the Wicklow Mountains??
I'm asking as I 'was' going off to the Black Forest (Germany) in a couple of weeks but with the fuel problems in France at the moment I'm looking for a plan "B" just in case they don't sort it out.
I have a couple of weeks available & was thinking second half of June before the school hols start.

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