New European rules for motorcycle gear? Th

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Can't believe people will find anything to criticise the EU for. When will the Brexiters give up finding fault with EVERYTHING from the EU??

Ok my take on this... it's a great thing!  As long as they don't make it mandatory then it's fine.  It's not about forcing you to do something, it's about giving you a choice and quality guarantee.

The thing is, some people buy motorcycle clothing thinking it offers them extra protection to their normal clothing. But, in some cases, the protection offered is even less (think of the substandard fake clothing).
I personally would be very happy knowing the clothing I buy as extra protection for on the bike has passed even some basic stress-tests and that the seams aren't going to split open if I fall off at 20mph.

But hey, ho, f** the EU again eh Stern Smile   Pffff, tired of it. Ying Yang
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Magnum58, about the Netherlands (Where I live)... you're absolutely right.

However, the ironic thing is that YOU are in the wrong and need to read THEIR road rules, not the other way around.

Why?  Because here in Holland they have a rule which means people CAN pull out of a side street (so from the right) and YOU have to give way to them!

It's absolutely insane! Super scary and ridiculous (and why I never ride my bike for fun anymore here).

The theory is that people will drive slower knowing someone can pull out from the side street.  Crazy, I know.
Another theory is that it stops traffic jams in side streets if people don't have to wait for someone to be "kind" enough to let them out.

There's also little diamond and triangle signs which tell you when this rule does or doesn't apply.... hence you need to read the rules of the road for each country you travel to (there's usually a quick-reference in English online for each country).
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Anything that stops or restricts the sale of all that terrible, sub-standard, poor quality Chinese crap that's out there sounds good to me.

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