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Emergency Stop - Help Please!

Emergency Stop - Help Please! - Forums [Biker Match] Emergency Stop - Help Please! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Emergency Stop - Help Please!

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I have failed my mod 1 three times now, the first time as my clutch control was rubbish and I was nervous and the other two times because I can't do an emergency stop correctly, I keep locking up the back wheel, and last time I failed was because I was concentrating not locking the wheel I was too slow at stopping. Due to a lack of training to sort this out I am changing instructor, as I'm fine at everything else, and it's very annoying to keep failing and a bit soul destroying to be honest but I'm not giving up. I have been told to use the front brake and touch the back at the last minute which makes sense, so I'm wondering how others do emergency stops? Thanks

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Deleted Member @ 26/02/2012 21:10  

When I was taught as I did my direct access, my instructor said it should be in this order;

Front brake, back brake, left foot out to put down and clutch pulled in. In that order going clockwise, dunno if that helps but it did ok for me

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Deleted Member @ 26/02/2012 21:14  

hi emergency stop should relly be both brakes ..even pressure and progressively.. hope this help o and er practice practice then more practice good luck you,ll get there kevkool

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spaceboy4 @ 26/02/2012 22:13  

Hi Hello There. The way to do an E-Stop is by counting to 5 1) close throttle 2) lightly on the front brake 3) lightly on the back brake 4) 4 is more, so squeeze the front brake, gentle and progrssively 5) pull in clutch at the last second 70% of braking for a E-Stop comes for the front brake, only ever use even braking in the wet, If one of my student keep locking the rear wheel, I tell them on number 3, put foot over back brake, but DO NOT USE. the examiner can not tell how much brake is being used. Another thing that locks the rear wheel is pulling the clutch in to early, what happens is the engine braking is forcing the rear wheel round and if the clutch is used to early the engine braking is lost and the wheel becomes free wheeling and then a little bit of back brake the wheel will lock up. I hope this helps you and if you have anymore qustions feel free to pm me. Good luck

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Ragnar @ 26/02/2012 23:42  

I had the same issues as you & what ranger says is right I was told the same.

Clutch in at the last second, and even tho its an emergency stop don't stamp on the breaks.

Good luck x

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Deleted User @ 27/02/2012 03:04  

Best advice I can give is read the post by ragnar above then read again and again. Sit on the arm of a chair and practice the manoeuvre in your head then get on the pad and practice on the bike

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JP @ 27/02/2012 06:30  

ye thats right its all about feel , try this first use the front brake onits own , then just the back brake, then both brakes at the same time . with both brakes appliedbat the same time your stopping distance will be shorter, ragners right leav the clutch until just before the bike comes to a final stop as this helps to keep the back wheel under control, i tend to apply the back brake a second or to before the front , but the front brake is the more powerful of the two , the important thing to remember is in an emergancy youv got to stop with out locking the wheels if they do lock up release the pressure so that the wheels regain their grip on the road again, but you must keep practicing.... and always brake in a straight line and upright if possible..... kevkool

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spaceboy4 @ 27/02/2012 09:02  

Hello there i'm still learning after 18 years, Ragner's post is exactly the way my excellent instructor Hughie taught me all those years ago, it still worried and worries me to this day. This might help as it definitely did for me - I went to large car park either early or late when there was the least traffic, found a quiet spot and started practising riding really slowing and stopping, then gradually increasing the speed - it will become second nature eventually, you need to build confidence and doing it gradually helped me. All the very best and i'm sure you will overcome this hun, ride safe and stay happy

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BOBKAT @ 27/02/2012 11:41  

Ragnor post is basically how my superbly patient instructor taught me, I really struggled getting it sorted and we just did it over and over again. The only difference in that and my instructor is to ease up on the back brake and the weight transfers forwards and the grip for the back wheel reduces.

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Say_Ten @ 27/02/2012 13:08  

OK.. with the best will in world if you cant stop your bike .. lady your in big trouble listening to too much advice caan at best be confusing.. sso i have a theory the brickwall theory.. imagine that potentially everthing is a brick wall and there are 8inch spikes stick up out of the road ... YOU WILL Stop in a trice KK

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spaceboy4 @ 27/02/2012 13:18  

Ragnar had it right, but brick wall theory works

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Magneto @ 27/02/2012 13:33  

agreed as the last two above really

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northlondon58 @ 27/02/2012 13:53  

Hi Hello there,
Just wanted to say I only passed my test back end of last year and Ragnars description was exactly as I was taught and it really does work. Are you taking your Mod 1 on the same bike everytime cos surely different biting points on the brakes etc. will count, then practice, practice, practice. Dave

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Deleted Member @ 27/02/2012 14:31  

Space, I am pretty sure she has no issue with stopping a bike, just like everyone else,

However its stopping it in a manner that is considered by an instructor, on the day, depending if he is in a good mood or not, as being under control,

Good Luck Hello

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Deleted User @ 27/02/2012 14:33  

Hello Hello There Take Ragnars advice, I can assure with good reason that he is spot on All I would add is try and find a road that is not used and mark out the distances and keep practising. You will be OK. Good luck

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davidneale @ 27/02/2012 14:39  

I also agree with Ragnar but have one question.

In my test you had to be going a certain speed, are you focusing on you speedo to make sure your doing the right speed and find everything is being a rush when you find the examiner has put his had up, and hence hitting the back break instead of applying it?

If the above is the case then i suggest learning to ride the right speed without looking at the speedo, on the GS500 I learnt on I think second gear sufficed and I was 1mph above the required on my results paper (for the swerve as well).


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YZFJohn @ 27/02/2012 14:46  

no what you mean shell .. but it aint easy for novices the only way really is by practice and experiment , getting to technical will just confuse her. really the first thing she needs to do is relax on the bike the rest will eventually fall in to place.

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spaceboy4 @ 27/02/2012 15:10  

so this young lady needs to relax on the bike if shes tense and nervous .. nothing will work BEING RELAXED ON THE BIKE IS AMUST ONLY THEN WILL SHE TRIUMPH hahaha.....kevkoolness

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spaceboy4 @ 27/02/2012 17:22  

I don't think she'll mind me saying that she's got the speed nailed. A case of piss poor instructing going on IMHO, if someone has an issue you work on it, don't book them in for a retest and put them forward with no extra tuition on that area.

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Deleted Member @ 27/02/2012 18:14  

Your right Looby I consistantly get the correct speed fine (your tip works well!), its about all I do get right on emergency stops lol! But I pull in the clutch too quickly as well. I have 4 hours booked with my new instructor on Friday so I'm going to memorise Ragnars advice these next few days and try it, I especially like the bit about not touching the rear brake the examiner won't know! That may well happen yet! Don't think the clumpy boots help, I don't really know how much I'm pressing the brake, but as i can't do it in socks alone I'll have to learn! I don't think I react straight away either when he puts his hand up for some reason, it's all a bit of a daze. @ spaceboy4 - I'm liking you for calling me a young lady lol! and your right, I do need to TRIUMPH haha, don't want the blooming bike sat in the garage for ever more. I'm good at normal road riding just not stopping fast! Thanks everyone for your posts - advice and encouragement, I'm really looking forward to coming along to some of the events on here and meeting you. Best get the e-stop sorted then so I can!

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Deleted Member @ 27/02/2012 21:05  

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