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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Wenders Wonderful Weekend Camping in Snowdonia

Wenders Wonderful Weekend Camping in Snowdonia (10) - Forums [Biker Match] Wenders Wonderful Weekend Camping in Snowdonia (10) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Wenders Wonderful Weekend Camping in Snowdonia

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Hey Rogerdodge, na mate no cash upfront, just pay lanlord of pub direct ok... Be good to have ya along, and yeah great bunch of folks coming!!!!

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wenders @ 05/04/2012 18:49  

ok, thanks wenders, I really wanted to go with Fronky to spain but i missed out on it, never mind, im sure it will be fun in walles.

   Update Reply
rogerdodge @ 05/04/2012 19:59  

Ok folks, as i like to be organised and know what im doing, please can people who need a tent and beds sorting for them please let me know asap so i can arrange loan of equipment??? Thanks xxxxxxxx

   Update Reply
wenders @ 08/04/2012 20:34  

will you be charging them for the loan of equipment wenders

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 15/04/2012 00:53  

Naaaaa Bill, won't cost me anything so not robbing off the people!!! They will only pay if they break anything, damages.......

   Update Reply
wenders @ 15/04/2012 18:25  

I take it you will need a donation towards tea coffie and gaz

   Update Reply
JP @ 15/04/2012 18:35  

Would be nice JP, and towards the BBQ fri night(weather permitting) I haven't won the lottery yet!!!!!!

   Update Reply
wenders @ 15/04/2012 18:38  

Wenders does th epub need to know in advance how many are plannign to eat in there?

oh and I'm alright for a tent ta..

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/04/2012 18:43  

Nope Neil, just let them know that day if ya want food and what time, they only got a smallish dining area i think, but possible to reserve a table on the day

   Update Reply
wenders @ 15/04/2012 18:46  

Thanks for the offer Wenders - really kind of you but I can fit my tent etc on MacBeastie. Most likely be down on the Thursday anyway hun. Going to be great, so looking forward to it

   Update Reply
BOBKAT @ 17/04/2012 00:02  

Wenders has yet again had to change venue due to un-friendly locals towards bikers...

You are a star wenders and this place looks better than the previous places... Lets make it a weekend to remember so the couple ask us back again... We will give our money and custom to those who welcome us, and not the other miserable ones

Can we still make it from the Wednesday for those who are travelling a long distance? ie Me

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 17/04/2012 19:42  

Yes Debs still from the 16th!!!!

As Debs has just said, i have yet again had to find another venue as we are bikers and we are dangerous and unwanted!!!! Sandi will update the events page asap but for now i'll give you new address etc in a min!!

Firstly huge plea to all BMers, Please please attend this event, i am so annoyed and disgusted at the way "BIKERS" are repeatedly turned away from places that i ask each and every BMer to join us in Snowdonia May 16th to 20th to show the WELSH we are not animals, and for those sites that have turned us away to see what they have missed by way of earnings from us for drink and food!!!!! My dad is welsh and even he has had the wrath of wenders upon him these last 2 days!!!!!!!!!!
So people, if you can get to this event, even if its just for the rideout on saturday 19th May, then please come and let our bikes ROCK the very ground Snowdonia is mounted on, and Rumble the hills!!!!!!!
Really think i should start a fresh thread for this now as is getting confusing all the changes???????

   Update Reply
wenders @ 17/04/2012 20:04  

Yep, lockin this thread to avoid confusion, new thread up in a min, Wenders Wonderful weekend in snowdonia Updated...

   Update Reply
wenders @ 17/04/2012 20:08  

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