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london bombings

london bombings - Forums [Biker Match] london bombings - Forums [Biker Match]
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london bombings

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as i have to travel to the that City Of London during my working week, i am going to continue to travel into central london albeit a little more observant. but i am not going to be cowed down by `insurgents` (or what every everyone want to call them) in preventing me as an ENGLISH man to go to our capital city to work. especially as most of what we do is the Nightclub and liesure industry. what are your opinions on this travesty that has again been unleashed (attempted to be) on our fair land. I cannot print, will not put into words her as to how i feel inside, i was caught up in the last incidents on july 7th. Mr Shaggy

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Mr Shaggy @ 30/06/2007 12:05  

I don't know what's happening to folk, seems to be most of em are in it for themselves ME ME ME. If they don't like something throw a bomb at it attitude. I don't know much about the latest bomb threat, who planted it or why, but no matter how much they disagree with the way the country is run, or whatever their gripe, I don't think killing folk is the answer. It does not serve their cause at all.

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Sandi @ 30/06/2007 15:24  

and the glasgow thing - absolutely ridiculous. Thats what you get for letting so many into the country who hate the country. There should be loyalty tests of some kind before people can even step foot on our soil.

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Matt @ 30/06/2007 21:03  

The majority of people who come to this country do love it (who knows y sometimes) and a lot of people who are treated as if they have just moved to this contry are second and third generation british born and would not dream of doing such things... as is usual everyone gets joined up together I believe it is only a few people who would do this stuff. I dont believe that this is condoned by many people whatever their religion, creed, colour or nationality. And the reason i believe this is because I do know and have worked with a lot of people from different cultures and also would define them selves as being british and who have told me this. We have to stop believing the well oiled political machine sometimes. Go back a few generations in your own family and see what you come up with? me... Irish, german, gypsy traveller, british? Scouser lmao

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earthwind @ 30/06/2007 22:42  

I just wish they'd all naff off back to where they came from, we would have the problem then. Sorry if that sounds racist, but that's my opinion and I think it's what needs to happen.

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Moxey77 @ 02/07/2007 04:06  

Well, who ever they are and where ever they've come from, they are just terrorists. Nothing more, nothing less! No noble cause here 'cos they just want to kill as far as I can see!!!

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Di @ 02/07/2007 05:19  

Yep, them's the ones I meant. Flush em out and send em back!

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Moxey77 @ 02/07/2007 14:05  

If we went to some of these countries and did or said things against the government, state or rulers, or even wear a symbol of our faith we would be thrown in jail and the key "lost" or stoned to death, but no, here we pussy foot about and cant mention black sheep, three little pigs or Christmas! I heard that if an imigrant in Canada commits a crime then the whole family is deported...... why cant we have a bit of that here! I work in the centre of Brum, and had my bags searched when I entered the building today... well so be it. Better safe than sorry.

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Kate5930 @ 02/07/2007 14:51  

just come back from working in soho, and i must admit the police are doin a great job, they asked me what i was doing, were i was going etc etc they checked my paperwork with control, they checket the index number of my van, my crew was also checked, not got aproblem with that.........BUT as i am going through all this an ethnic person in a beat up old sierra went straight through !!! blacked out rear window and everything WTF ??? Enoch Powell had the best one, if your white your alright, if your black, send em back me personally do not hold with this as i agree to live and let live, but you fxxk with me or mine or my country, be prepared to be removed from the gene pool. rant over Mr Shaggy

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Mr Shaggy @ 03/07/2007 15:08  

when they get the sick son's of b------s they should just f--k--g shot'um .....and there familys or for every bomb they do here we should drop 55tons on there population anywhere we want to .

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firebladekid @ 03/07/2007 15:42  

I have to disagree with you FBK, I certainly don't want to stoop to their level and see no good in retaliation. As a mother I tried to teach my son right from wrong but I'm not responsible for his actions, nor he for mine. If my son does a bad thing it doesn't automatically make me a bad person just because he's a blood relation.

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Sandi @ 04/07/2007 09:21  

I work for the m.o.d this is the type of shut that got england in this trouble lets bomb them & they return doing what there doing. I but you dont know what its like to see a bomb go off not just on tv or shoot someone i do & its the like of me & my mates that keep people safe we all dont wear a uniforms all take care beware when out . ride safe ride hard

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SHYBOY @ 04/07/2007 09:59  

i heard they caught one of the men responsible for crashing that 4x4 into the airport. apparantly his name is Singe Mahjeep...... Sorry guys......I just couldn't help that one.

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valerossi46 @ 04/07/2007 11:28  

SHYBOY I'm not sure if your post was in reply to mine and I'm sorry but I didn't understand your post. What did 'this is the type of shut' mean? I have never had the misfortune to experience a bomb, exploded or otherwise, but being previously connected to the Royal Navy for 16 years I have some idea about security. I lived in Gibraltar during the 1992 Gulf war and security was at maximum.

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Sandi @ 04/07/2007 14:23  

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