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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Autumn Camp 2012 - Friskney

Autumn Camp 2012 - Friskney (20) - Forums [Biker Match] Autumn Camp 2012 - Friskney (20) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Autumn Camp 2012 - Friskney

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Brill wk end from start to finish . Thanks for the organising Simon. Nice to meet new faces and catch up with peeps. Only got wet for around 45 miles Friday so been a good wk end weatherwise. Thanks for the wonderfull and funny company , we did av a larff ! thanks Jen aswell you is such a nice lady !

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Ninja Lou @ 30/09/2012 20:55  

Hey folks pics uploaded so get tagging

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IanT1966 @ 30/09/2012 21:08  

Nice one Simon, great bands even if difficult to get into the room to see them, could still listen outside though. Food was good at the Anchor, well done to them. great to meet new and old friends, must get a better sense of direction or a sat nav. hope Im not the only one who got lost trying to find the place, sorry to Tony who I met for the first time on the way there and got him lost as well.

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Sweeny Todd @ 30/09/2012 21:40  

Special thank you to Jen and Chris for taking my tent and putting it up for me. xx

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lisaj @ 30/09/2012 22:00  

Absolutely brilliant. Good pub, good food good company. Big up simon, you looked shattered sunday but know it was worth it. There was though a mass hysteria about rabbits on the roof. These animated furry slippers are neither renown for their climbing abilities nor their invention of powered flight but a lot of very drunk people insisted they had seen it, so it must be true. And i think my twat-nav was navigating off the wind direction, bloody thing. Sorry folks. But once again simon, bloody good weekend.

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xj @ 30/09/2012 22:06  

The rabbit was definately there mate; lol. As were the parrots in the trees; trust me, I know the parrots were there because they crapped all over my bike; lol. Once again, thanks for the comments everyone. It's what makes it worth the effort and what it's all about. Thanks to the five people who decided to cook food in the field. I don't know who it was but I appreciated the lecture I got from the pub as a result.

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 01/10/2012 00:12  

yep i concur bloody good time even though i could only get for the saturday because of work...........must admit i thought my stake and ale pie had been spiked when the ariel rabbit put in an appearance to meet some more members and catch up with friends spot on simon

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nellie @ 01/10/2012 01:21  

thanks Simon for organising a great weekend! Was well worth the 700 mls round trip Finally landed home at half 10 last night! Still laughing though!

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kwakgirl @ 01/10/2012 10:11  

Popped some pics on page 3 & 4

   Update Reply
Ninja Lou @ 01/10/2012 13:39  

Just re-read the posts from above for what my thoughts are,
Cheers Simon and your team

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 01/10/2012 17:28  

 Posts: 390       Pages: 20/20

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