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Need to improve the lighting on my GT 550 KAWASAKI thinking of HIDs anybody got any thoughts? anybody done it? any recomendations? Gheers Gareth

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Deleted Member @ 12/11/2011 21:57  

Hi Oldbiker, I would have thought an HID setup would be about half the present value of bike [not taking the mickey] try high output bulbs from PIIA, you get double the output wattage for watts consumed, you don't get crispy wire syndrome as you do when using high wattage consumption bulbs.They are not cheap, I've been using them for years.

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harry worth @ 13/11/2011 13:01  

I have HID`s on my R1 .. anybody i`m following will tell you they are so bright it`s untrue .. Not only do they give you more light at night to see the road with .. more importantly they make other road users SEE YOU .. It lessens the chances of any d**khead driver saying he/she never saw you .. They are relatively inexpensive to the cost of life or serious injury .. they are that good i bought some for my car .. DO NOT buy theses so called HID upgrade bulbs that cost about £30 .. they are not much better than standard halogen bulbs HID stands for High Intensity Discharge .. they use a ballast resistor to store up the power and create the sufficient voltage to create an arc between the 2 metal spikes in the bulb as there is no filament .. this voltage is 6000v .. It`s about £60 per bulb kit .. My bike has 2 kits .. Anyone wishing to find out about this can pm me .. I`m a fully trained mechanic I would recommed these kits to eveybody .. they should be on every motorcycle

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nitro70 @ 13/11/2011 16:24  

Got HID on my beemer, just checked prices on latest HID and see they have really come down and smaller ballast boxes. The bulbs I spoke of are not advertised as HID upgrades just more light for same power consumption no work involved. HID kits used to be advertised nearer £200 but now looks a good deal, go for it.

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harry worth @ 13/11/2011 17:09  

Gotta laugh, the company I looked up for HIDS was XENONHID4u, had a look at address and its 2 miles up the road from me. You find something new every day.

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harry worth @ 13/11/2011 17:35  

hi harry yea think it's gotta be the way to go. googled them lot near you will ring em tomorrow i think cheers Gareth

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Deleted Member @ 13/11/2011 18:00  

Is there a requirement to have a self leveling headlight unit when using HID lamps?

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Deleted Member @ 13/11/2011 18:14  

erm dunno lol

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Deleted Member @ 13/11/2011 19:36  

One of my BMW's has HID as factory fitment and is an ordinary fixed lamp.

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harry worth @ 13/11/2011 20:40  

Technically only on cars .. i doubt a copper would know anyway .. Being seen on a bike is vital with all these illegals on our roads these days .. besides all the oldies who can`t see 2 foot in front of them

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nitro70 @ 13/11/2011 21:21  

I`ve fitted an HID system to my Yamaha FJ1200. A bit fiddly to fix, but the light output is phenominal!
Picks out roadside traffic signs before you get anywhere near them and other road users seen to spot you a mile off (excellent for motorway filtering in slow moving traffic)
You have to have a fairing to hide the ballast unit and controller behind though.
Don`t choose a bike specific one off Ebay, like I did. Just choose one for a car that has a dual beam (high/low) system. they`re about a tenner cheaper than the system I got and you can then sell the other `half` system to a mate (the car systems have dual ballast units and controllers for each side).
Choose one with a colour temperature bulb of about 5000K (pure white), as anything towards the 10.000K end will give an extremely blue light output, but not be as bright as the 5000K.
Let me know how you get on mate.

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podnil @ 13/11/2011 21:34  

good info guys

no use for a nakid Intruder, but hey..

   Update Reply
Junction47 @ 13/11/2011 23:52  

Why , are you going to ride around naked J47 ? lol

   Update Reply
nitro70 @ 14/11/2011 11:34  

If J47 wants to do a Billy C in Swansea let him have some fun .. may have to divert traffic away from Wales for a time .. lol x I can say these things as I'm a taff by birth xx

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Sherry @ 14/11/2011 12:28  

reallyusefull thread wel done guys. When Ive spare cash agian I will look into this for my bikes, anyone know what sorta wattage they devour?

   Update Reply
rossoandy21 @ 14/11/2011 12:48  

Hi Rossoandy21.
My unit only uses 35 watts, but the ballast unit produces 23,000 volts!

   Update Reply
podnil @ 14/11/2011 17:08  

Yes indeedy 35 watts seems to be the norm, around half of a halogen H4 bulb

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 14/11/2011 20:29  

Thanks for getting me looking Nitro, things have really changed in last 8 years, 35 watts seems the norm, and the better units have a thingy in them that cancels the blown bulb signal when bike system senses the lower wattage being used. Mate at work wants to fit one on his 4 candle power Harley.

   Update Reply
harry worth @ 14/11/2011 20:48  

and thats his engine power .. whats his light output ? lol

   Update Reply
nitro70 @ 14/11/2011 22:17  

Well i've done it, i've ordered one hopefully here before the end of the week. will post up the ease of fitment etc for those thinking of fitting the same/similar

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/11/2011 21:43  

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