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successful Dating Stories On BM

successful Dating Stories On BM (2) - Forums [Biker Match] successful Dating Stories On BM (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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successful Dating Stories On BM

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Ta Chris and Hazel

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Sandi @ 02/11/2011 23:10  

I like a happy ending
" " x

   Update Reply
missme @ 02/11/2011 23:24  

BB thanks for the link, some lovely photos there, Kim and Rob look very happy.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 02/11/2011 23:40  

Congratulations Hazelnut & wow after only 3wks

So sweet, thank you for sharing

   Update Reply
angelcake71 @ 02/11/2011 23:46  

I think there are loads of success stories associated with BM ,,,but as mentioned not everyone is willing to share this... Ive come close myself but it was not to be,,,, but it has not put me off and i am more than happy to just get out and about to enjoy life and meet as many peeps as possible,,make new friends and you never know what might happen,,,,the worst is great new friends !!!

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Deleted Member @ 02/11/2011 23:54  

If the worst is great new friends, then I'll be happy anyway, of course you never know what might happen, I think just getting out there & enjoying life, been happy is the best way to be

   Update Reply
angelcake71 @ 03/11/2011 00:12  

I seem to have missed some of the post replies

Congrats to you also Sandi, you are a success story yourself

Chris, yes it does give us hope, & these success stories have been heart warming.

   Update Reply
angelcake71 @ 03/11/2011 00:16  

its all about fresh starts...i joined purely for the social side and have had a fantastic summer after the crappest start to the year! Also have to say i have a new lease of life thanks to a very special certain somebody, a permanent grin on my face and i really positively couldnt be happier about it......

aint life grand :-) lol

   Update Reply
mizzi @ 03/11/2011 02:52  

Good to read all these stories about folk. Got to say met Boss Mom on here last year who is wonderful and we are still together and I'm extremely happy - I know that cus she told me I am lol. I'd like to also thank Matt for setting up the site, without him I would never have met Boss Mom. As a token of my appreciation I will be buying him his next motorbike. (not edited at all by Boss Mom)(not edited at all by Boss Man) Note: No moderator powers were abused during the making of this post. All commitments made in this post are legally binding.PS I also met BJ and so my life is complete :)

   Update Reply
JP @ 03/11/2011 05:00  

Stop trying to earn brownie points Old Un lol

I met Mr Ken (Scorpio54) on here Jan 2010 we started off as friends and have now been a couple since April 2010 :)

Have also met some fantastic people and have made some BFFs :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 03/11/2011 09:24  

You talk of love and marriage on here, i have met tons of people on here and in person who i love and admire, these people r always welcome at my home your all such a great bunch and look forward to seeing u all again at the next do..

   Update Reply
UKHarleyRider @ 03/11/2011 10:29  

great to hear (read) all these stories... but why aren't you all submitting testimonies for us? Lots more to read there, and I hope more of you will write a testimony after reading this forum topic.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 03/11/2011 11:28  

well I've been on the site since June 2007! It's my online Bike & Social club & I've met LOADS of great mates & had some really good ride outs, weekends away, weeks away etc with peeps on here I absolutely adore it & feel very priviledged to be a part of such a great team I also met my other half through a BM weekend away in March 2010 & March this year I moved in with him, moving down from Holmfirth to Hobbit country & am now an honourary Hobbit!......they talk funny down here though, so am trying to instill the Lancashire/Yorkshire dialect in may take some time! Spesh on the other hand wonders what's hit him

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 03/11/2011 11:50  

Mizzi, Sounds like you have a lot to be happy about keeping grinning hun

JP, great to hear you found each other & are happy, congrats, great stuff!

BJ, lovely to hear your success story, also congrats to you too

UKHarleyRider, just as much a bonus to meet good people who become great friends

Holmfirthgirl, another lovely success story that's heart warming, so sweet, congrats

It's been fab reading about your success stories, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, & ya never know....... I could be telling my own success story in the future who knows

   Update Reply
angelcake71 @ 03/11/2011 12:12  

Boss Mom, just noticed the slight changes to JP's post, brilliant stuff

   Update Reply
angelcake71 @ 03/11/2011 12:14  

Nice one Capo Madre lol

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 03/11/2011 12:35  

HFG - Spesh wonders what hit him - it was the tyre wall lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 03/11/2011 13:12  

Nice post above JP. Not that V (or myself) would abuse our admin rights.
Would we? PS: Thank-you very much! I'm looking forward to Christmas

   Update Reply
Matt @ 03/11/2011 13:28  

Boss Man tut tut

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 03/11/2011 13:59  

But if we could abuse our powers this match-making lark would be a doddle!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/11/2011 15:23  

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