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thread coments

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We have all been gilty of posting a negative or personal coment on a thread at some point, but some members think that it's funny to just make negative or personal insults at every oppertunaty and on every thread, I think it's time for all to take a look at there posts and think before thay post it And yes I know I cant spell

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JP @ 24/10/2011 13:18  

i agree with you totally JP, i've have noticed it quite a bit and it's just not necessary, there's people on here making a lot of effort to organize things for people and others just hitting them with negative replies

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Bikeabill @ 24/10/2011 16:27  

There's negative criticism and there's constructive criticism! On the former I hope folks would hold off and re-read it after an hour before posting. However there is constructive criticism that can improve the site, as with the top 20 opt out. Members have a stake in the site and should be able to vocalise their opinions cos less members make it a poorer site to be part of. Often some are just a little too sensitive to the views of others, too. Just my observation

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2011 17:41  

Oh and what about the continual sexual innuendo from some folk? Get a grip or find a site where such drivel is appreciated I say!!!!

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Blackberry @ 24/10/2011 17:42  

I've surmised that this could be aimed at me and my "loads of fun" jesting on the camping thread, and indeed if it is I apologise!

However, everyone that knows me knows that I don't like camping and that as such I often make digs about the same, but also that any such dig is meant in a humorous fashion. I would like to hope we can still have a bit of friendly banter without having to worry about upsetting people.

If it isn't aimed at me then I must say that I haven't seen anything that could be particularly negative. So perhaps some of us are reading too much into posts and presuming a negative intention rather than seeing them as the light hearted jesting they are meant to be?

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geoffb2005 @ 24/10/2011 17:52  

i think there is fair bit of sniping by some people that, because it's fairly vague in nature, could be interpreted by several as being aimed at them. we're all adults so the choices are take it on the chin & keep quiet, or question the person posting directly to clarify their issues. pm probably the best route if this is an option, as i dont think a public forum is an ideal place to air personal issues, even if only by insinuation. regarding the site per se, just because one doesnt agree with specifics doesnt necessarily make their comments negative - things constantly evolve and thats usually as a result of individuals giving their opinion on how things can be improved for the better.

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2011 21:18  

It's a poor state of affairs if you can't post your own sense of humour through fear of being criticized by those who don't happen to share your soh.

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XKLYBR @ 24/10/2011 22:58  

Are you driveling again? or maybe I'm appreciating your bad influence!

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2011 23:09  

+1 @ Mandy ('cos she scares the cr*p out of me)

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Junction47 @ 25/10/2011 01:37  

more reasons to leave me thinks!

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potnoodles @ 25/10/2011 22:01  

Totally agree with you BB. The smut at every possible opportunity is very tiresome. Wonder also at the postings and pm's by those opposed to Karma and professing to want to opt out of the top 20 list for months and months still haven't?? Those who constantly bleat on about wanting anonymity should stand by their convictions. Very hypocritical IMO

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bandit lover @ 25/10/2011 22:06  

The smut at every possible opportunity is very tiresome. If u don't like the 'Carry On' films, don't watch them!

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XKLYBR @ 25/10/2011 22:23  

so what are we saying is this carry on BMing LOL

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Bikeabill @ 26/10/2011 01:36  

As a self confessed smut monkey , I apologise if I have offended, annoyed or upset any fellow BM members with my sense of humour , I will try my best to reign it in and tone it down soz!

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Littlefecker @ 26/10/2011 03:19  

The 'Carry On' crew, Frankie Howard, Benny Hill, Ken Dodd, The Two Ronnies...the list goes on...are a British Institution. Anyone not finding their 'smutty' humour highly amusing should seek medical attention immediately.

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XKLYBR @ 26/10/2011 10:01  

LF... Looks like me and thee should find a norty corner... Apologies from me too guys....

0:-) found my halo now x

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mizzi @ 26/10/2011 10:01  

LF is my name and I am a LF I often offend but never intend, thats why I apologised

   Update Reply
Littlefecker @ 26/10/2011 11:08  

Just chill and be yourself and let others be themselves.

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potnoodles @ 26/10/2011 18:02  

I'm always putting my foot in it, but like LF, rarely mean to offend - folk tend to know when I do lol.

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Deleted Member @ 26/10/2011 19:35  

well said Potnoddles. I hold my hands up to having a carry on type sense of humour , however, I must stress that at no time would I ever set out to offend anyone. Everyone has there own individual personalities - it would a very dull and boring world if we all thought the same way. Mutual respect goes along way as does common courtesy. There's enough pressure in every day life as it is - so lets live and let live xxxx

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BOBKAT @ 26/10/2011 19:45  

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