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Tread depth

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Tread depth

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My tyres are down to 2mm has anyone got a rough idea how long i have until i need to replace them im planning on going on a track day end of November i should be covering a 1000 miles between now and then. Id like to trash them on the track take my bike home on the trailer afterwards then replace them.

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Ho4701 @ 19/10/2011 19:24  

If they are sport type tyres then I would think the 1000 miles will finish them off easily, and if you want a good track day then I would change them. The alternative is a bent bike, which is cheapest a set of tyres or a new bike for next years track days

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wheelbarrow @ 19/10/2011 19:43  

From (old) memory I think the legal limit is 1mm, but as that tiny patch of rubber is the only thing between you and a hospital bed most people will change them before the 2mm ;)

Just found info on MCN:

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Junction47 @ 19/10/2011 19:48  

They are bog standard tyres the slick will be better for the track just didn't want to be riding ilegally before then.

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Ho4701 @ 19/10/2011 20:38  

Ignor the leagal limit when you get below 3mm your stopping distance starts to incress and in the wet its very poor change them now and keep them for your track day tell the tyre place what your doing thay may offer to swop them back over for a fee

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JP @ 19/10/2011 21:04  

Ho .. The only thing you are gonna trash with those tyres, as you say you're gonna do another 1000 miles on them, on a track day, is your bike an poss yerself. Although you think a balding tyre may look like a slick, I assure you its nothing like one. A slick tyre will have a decent depth to its smooth surface .. unlike the WORN OUT tyres you have on your bike at the moment. To maintain a decent grip on the surface you need heat .. .. as you have worn away 90 odd % of your tread, the tyres will NOT heat up to give you the grip required on a track. As the tread wears down it is less able to distort and spread around the contact patch and as such, is less able to grip the surface than a new tyre. And as such a worn tyre suffers as much from the lack of tread material as it does from the reduced depth of the tread grooves. In other words mate .. chuck them away, fit a new set and benefit from the strength and integrity of a new pair..... Oh yeah, DONT just bung a new set on and tear arse around a track untill you scrubbed them in for about 100 miles. Have a quick read of this, and this As an aside, the LEGAL tread limit on a motorcycle over 50 cc is 1mm across 3/4 of the width and visible tread over the remainder. Now that tyre may well be legal !! but it certainly is not gonna give you the grip you're gonna want !!!! Wheelbarrow's post said it in the first reply to you !!

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GreasyTony @ 19/10/2011 22:18  

to last post.

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harry worth @ 19/10/2011 23:14  

Ho47 - just to follow on from what others have said. Presuming you are talking about your Ninja 250, on a smaller bike like this you could probably fit a sportier pair of tyres and they'd still last well beyond your track day.

As Tony quite rightly says, a road tyre with no tread left isn't a racing slick, it's knackered lol! It's lost it's profile, tread depth and it's ability to regulate it's temperature properly. Plus it doesn't have the compound of a slick. Saying this, don't be tempted to fit a pair of slicks (which can be bought at most tracks) as road bikes aren't set up to run on them and they'd upset your suspension.

As my tyres wear (Ok, much bigger bike) I tend to find that I have to change them due to loss of profile long before they get to the legal minimum. I find that the bike no longer rolls into corners but rather needs forcing in and that due to ridges caused by modern dual compound tyres, I also find that at certain lean angles it feels like riding on a knife edge.

I do tend to let them wear a little longer once they get to this point to be honest, but this is because I do a lot of miles so go through tyres relatively quickly. However, part of this is because my bike has ABS, so I'm happy to let the tyres get a little closer to the wear markers than I have been on previous bikes. Even so, I will change the front long before it gets to the wear markers, normally changing tyres as a pair.

So, as others have said, get 'em changed now. You'll be amazed how different they'll feel I promise!

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geoffb2005 @ 20/10/2011 07:15  

What your saying is dont let your front get as bad as Matt was on the way to Friskney last weekend [see the pictures] we had to have a pit stop on the way there to change it. !!!!!! LOL

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Bikeabill @ 21/10/2011 03:21  

yip, worn out mate, hope u have replaced the pair.. its prob more about the way the profile goes off than the lack of tread depth but either way they are shot!

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rossoandy21 @ 11/11/2011 00:37  

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