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The 1970's

The 1970's - Forums [Biker Match] The 1970's - Forums [Biker Match]
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The 1970's

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What did the 70's mean to you? What do you remember about the 70's? and don't say you're not OLD enough to remember or I'll have a hissy fit

My first bike (BSA Bantam)
Space hoppers (rubber balls with ears that ya sat on and bounced) no smutty jokes ta lol

The Sweet (the band)
Green Shield Stamps
Spanish Gold (kids sweet tobacco)
Bay City Rollers (yuck)
T Rex (oh yes!) lol I had a crush on Marc Bolan, soon cured that when I heard him speak

£ S D (Pre-decimal currency, jeez I feel old now, who started this topic?)

Worzel Gummage
Top of the Pops
Tales of the unexpected (mystery drama)
2 tone strides (skinhead trousers)
Hot pants
Heat wave (of 1976)
Getting served in a pub at age 13 (babycham lol)
Brut after shave
Rebel perfume

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 18/06/2007 21:42  

Nappies, rusks, formula, romper suits, moses basket etc etc etc.......sorry

   Update Reply
valerossi46 @ 18/06/2007 22:55  

i was born in 1970 lol so ill have to ask me mum lmao

   Update Reply
RC @ 19/06/2007 06:54  

lol well kwak what can i say i have some fantastic pictures and the styles of clothes grief marc bolan white tights, round collars high waist bands f**k off trousers errrrrrrrr cherryb and cider those massive tins of beer for parties and i was not gonna mention age again lol by the late seventies though it was punk rock follies and i cut off all my hair and moved to holland lol

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earthwind @ 19/06/2007 09:25  

i thought the work f k would have come out differently oops of course the seventies were a bit wild just before all the record labels became freer and anyone could start their own label. before that it was all the big ones had the music industry all tied up and the number 1984 still meant something where as now we living in it lmao maybe im tooooo old and toooo cynical

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 19/06/2007 10:16  

I can barely remember the 80's spent most of it in a bit of a haze

   Update Reply
oggy @ 19/06/2007 10:53  

the thatcher years ( will put my political head to sleep now )

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 19/06/2007 11:03  

Well !!!!!! in 1971 i had my first legal road bike a BSA C 15 that was truly what you said kwak bouncy thats why the bsa got labled ( bloody sore a*se ) yer i remember most of the thing that you listed and most of what earthwind has said ,age who`s talking about age`s ?

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fjr_graham @ 19/06/2007 11:18  

My bike of the 70's? The Chipper... a little version of the Chopper lol. What about The Tomorrow People, Mary Mungo and Midge, and The Flumps? The Six Million Dollar Man toys. We were poor and I never got them but I always hoped. I did get a second hand Evil Kneivel tho. Remember them? Wind em up and let em go. Never as good as the advert showed but what is?

   Update Reply
dazpants @ 19/06/2007 11:30  

wonder woman lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 19/06/2007 12:01  

Graham the bouncy bit was about the space hoppers not my Bantam. I knew I'd get the Nappy Brigade when I asked about the 70's lol Come on there must be more wrinklies on here than just me, don't ya remember the 70's or ya afeared to let on?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 19/06/2007 12:24  

yeap i can remenber the 70's really well . boobs shoved in me face anytime i cryed

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 19/06/2007 14:46  

well there was magpie, play away the magic roundabout Bob dylan came to england and I saw him three times black bush festival and london qued up all night for tickets slept on the pavement. there was monte python, startrek with captain kirk the partridge family sat in the tree top all day long rocking and a rolling and singing this song all the little birdies go tweet tweet tweet because your mine i walked the line and there was the fantastic leonard cohen who i am listening to still today vicious you hit me with a flower.. you do it very hour you o viscious we can be heroes just for one day its the music

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 19/06/2007 16:32  

What I remember most is: You wore long nylon dresses to parties. Tartan Bitter - my dad always drank that at Xmas 1974 - The first Mc Donalds opening up in Woowich, SE London (near where I live) The Silver Jubilee - Big reinactment we did at school... I know there's lots more if I think harder... Now I know I'm getting older when an original Chopper bicycle is worth a bit!

   Update Reply
babbsy @ 19/06/2007 18:54  

Quote FBK: yeap i can remenber the 70's really well . boobs shoved in me face anytime i cryed crikey you were a sensitive teenager weren't ya? A lucky one tho

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 19/06/2007 19:37  

Re:FKB and Kwak I still try that trick to this day.... doesnt work as well tho now

   Update Reply
dazpants @ 19/06/2007 21:01  

You and other red blooded males no doubt

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 19/06/2007 21:04  

You and other red blooded males no doubt

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 19/06/2007 21:04  

Between the ages of 11 and 20 were the my 70's years an awful lot happened lmao (I shock myself thinking about it )

   Update Reply
earthwind @ 21/06/2007 06:06  

memo to kwak i wasnt born till 1978 . im only 29 oh by the way in i think it was 1975 long before i was born the veitnam war ended

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 21/06/2007 15:58  

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