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Karma system changes

Karma system changes (3) - Forums [Biker Match] Karma system changes (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Karma system changes

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I do PM new members Trish, part of my Mod duties really when checking new profiles etc. and I know as Jackie has said she does the same. Any newbies on here will be able to confirm that my message offers support from myself or any of the Mod team for any queries as trained staff or directs them to their local events team members should they have any ideas for events etc. It also gives a link to the staff page for ease of reference. Unfortunately, I think this will not come across as genuine any longer as it has been proved as a method of increasing the karma I don't want - or at least the bit that puts me on the Top 20.

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Deleted Member @ 11/10/2011 15:03  

That's a really pity V because if that is some of the content of your welcoming message, it is a good one and IMO, you really should continue to be sent out to newbies.

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bandit lover @ 11/10/2011 15:07  

Just ignore the Top 20, simples. Never mind this karma rubbish; I think there should be a slap count chart - I wud be top, no problem!

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XKLYBR @ 11/10/2011 15:32  

Thats a def XK thats for sure :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 11/10/2011 15:40  

I still find it amusing that so many people get defensive/concerned over their "karma" scores or those of others.

0% or 100%, I couldn't give two hoots to be honest lol!

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geoffb2005 @ 11/10/2011 17:14  

oohhh dear ... Geoff your gonna have to watch it ... this makes 2 posts recently that I agree with you on, its getting to be a habit

I wondered why my ears were burning today whilst in work ... missed it all tho lol, looking at the comments that have been placed in here tho ... looks like your in a lose lose situation Matt ... cannot do right for doing wrong.

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Deleted User @ 11/10/2011 17:34  

System updated again to remove the penalty for short forum posts

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Matt @ 11/10/2011 20:21  

tis a strange breed these BM`ers , never satisfied until its snapped, broken, tossed in the bin, dragged out, rectified, rearranged, beaten into some sort of look alike and a pretty pink bow attached ...........................

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Jack Jones @ 11/10/2011 23:09  

Personally I couldn't care less about the karma or the top 20, but the two threads on the subject have kept me quite entertained for the past 20 minutes

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Simon66 @ 11/10/2011 23:11  

karma doesn't bother me as i dont think i've ever made the top 20 (not that i've checked anyway) but to go off at a tangent re the newbies another (now apparently falling apaprt) site i am on has a listing of new signings on the opening page so they are brought to peoples attention and can be welcomed/ignores according to your personal preferences i have to admit to welcoming EVERY newbie as they signed up due to this (and not a karma point in sight to make me do that lol)

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Stroggyman @ 11/10/2011 23:27  

I have also been welcoming nawbies for some time now but afraid its mainly only the lady's that come up on my matchmaker.

Thanks Matt for changing the scoring system, it's put me up near the top now and yes i do look to see if i'm on it.

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Bikeabill @ 12/10/2011 00:13  

PML @ Mad Mic's post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Craig said: I cant see why a site would want to make people more popular than others,,,,,i think this whole karma situation is making a great biker site look worse than it is, great events,,,great banter,,,even great drivvle or whatever you want to call it,,,,,,but to see karma posts when you log on may make people think twice,,,,had i not already been a member before and know what the site can give me then i would certainly think twice if i came upon BM while browsing,,,,,,just my opinion,,,whats next,,,gold stars !!!! I agree with Craig.

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Sandi @ 12/10/2011 02:07  

Yes agree with the "not interested in karma" bit
Though whatever floats your boat if some folk like it,
AND it makes life a fraction easier for monitoring for Matt.

But a gold star ? Now your talking!! :-)

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oldyeti @ 13/10/2011 13:38  

Just a stick on gold star possibly oldyeti,,,not the BSA

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Deleted Member @ 13/10/2011 19:05  

Matt said: I've changed the weighting of the variables in the calculation to level it out a bit. Now the top 10 are closer together Matt wouldn't the popular list percentages seem gappy cos some of us have opted out of it? If I was on it I'd be about 4th on the list.

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Sandi @ 08/11/2011 21:24  

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