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What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today

What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today (91) - Forums [Biker Match] What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today (91) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What Made You Laugh Out Loud Today

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Just tickled by reading this thread 😂

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Deleted Member @ 24/06/2019 18:50  

Laugh out loud Friday...finding out that Green Flag will recover my 25 year old Tiger if needs be,but will not recover the 16 year old bike that i use most...check your small print folks,these people do not deal in logic....

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jinx57 @ 29/06/2019 06:39  

I had that a while ago, it worked out cheaper for me to insure my GSXR on its own and then insure my Hayabusa on a Classic Policy. It cost £144 for the Hayabusa with 6 points on my licence, it would have been £119 if I could behave myself.


Getting an insurance quote for multiple bikes. Buying separate policies is 10 times cheaper that a combined policy with Carol Nash. Talk about ripoff Britain, I nearly laughed myself to a coronary.

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Cornholio @ 29/06/2019 16:15  

This ...

Oh, and always wear clean underwear :-)

Thanks Corni 😂😂😂😂

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Lindsay @ 30/06/2019 08:24  

Saturday/ a total of three un-asked for phone calls after i cancelled my GREEN FLAG recovery policy on Friday,all because i told them that i would besmirch their (apparently) good name across the social media websites,(oops,forgot to tell them i don't do social media,except here,lol)They even told me if i had put ALL my bikes and car onto the personal cover list,they would have recovered it ...?? Sounds a bit like changing their story...notice that their website mentions bikes less than 16 years old,but NOT their pages of terms and conditions,unless it's remarkably well hidden...going through the comparison websites to find someone else,any personal recommendations will be investigated....

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jinx57 @ 01/07/2019 19:20  

D6, I read this (in your inimitable style) just as you said it the other week!

😂😂😂 Then I promptly fell about laughing. It's a good job I'm on my own, if not I think the rubber bus would have been on its way 🚑 😵😱

... knock it down to 4th gear, give it a fistful of throttle and escape velocity is like, F*CK OFF!!!!', not quite a Harrier jump jet speed, which is, 'REALLY F*CK OFF!!!!!!!',

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Lindsay @ 02/07/2019 22:32  

Only a select few would understand the reference Linz.

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double six @ 02/07/2019 22:50  

Shit happens. Again only a few will understand.

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double six @ 06/07/2019 01:11  

I still believe my eyes wasn't telling me the truth.
A young lady walked in the pub and ordered a drink.
No not the start of a dodgy joke.
And with the drink on the bar, something and coke. she divers into her handbag and pulls out.
And no I'm not kidding. A little rubber duck and plunk it into her drink.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 09/07/2019 21:23  

She must be quackers!

   Update Reply
yarg @ 09/07/2019 22:29  

I suspect fowl play...:/

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 10/07/2019 05:51  

A glorious sunny start to the day..:)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 12/07/2019 08:04  

Trying to figure out why i can stand and think straight after a weekend at the Barflys Rally...many thanks to the illustrious crew for putting on such a consistently welcoming rally,year in,year out...:)>

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jinx57 @ 14/07/2019 18:48  

Last night watching Gogglebox and still laughing today...

Rylan and his mum watching Silence of The Lambs😂😂😂😂

Just try to watch it (Google it if necessary), it's hilarious - had me in stitches brilliant!!👍😁😂

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 20/07/2019 10:58  

I love a bit of Rylan😁 going to download it now 👍

   Update Reply
Tilpix @ 20/07/2019 12:48  

Can tell i'm bored...just found something on here called a 'wish list'..but there's no category for "Free Jack Daniels for all members living in Leonard Stanley",or even "Dog wants good home"...

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/07/2019 07:00  

I'm moving to Leonard Stanley if that wish ever comes true!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 21/07/2019 11:03  

Living in Leonard Stanley you'll need it

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 21/07/2019 11:06  

Kiss my

   Update Reply
double six @ 22/07/2019 22:18  

Jinx, did you know that Market Researchers get our phone numbers from the TPS database? They are allowed to call us. That's why I don't add my number to it anymore.


Quote: Jinx
Had 5 (scam) calls in an hour,telling me that BT were cutting off my internet today,no skin off my nose as i dumped them years ago,lol....after 5th call i did 1471 and got a number, much to my surprise...dialled it ready to give somebody in Mumbai a good earful of abuse,but instead got a nice and rather bemused lady from Clacton..we swapped weather reports(rain,both of us),and i told her about TPS(Telephone Preference Service) so she could contact them and report the matter,she'd had calls from all over the place,lol

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/07/2019 09:07  

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