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Pet hates...

Pet hates... (5) - Forums [Biker Match] Pet hates... (5) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Pet hates...

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my pet hates, staying in all night coz he wont use the litter tray and he can't reach the loo roll!
Oh and everything exept busas

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busa1089 @ 17/10/2011 00:35  

people that edit someone else's postings pussy footing do gooders

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/10/2011 23:20  

can they do that ?! sheesh..

   Update Reply
Junction47 @ 18/10/2011 00:47  

What's that, J47 ? Edit postings, or Foot Pussies

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Weirdoraptor @ 18/10/2011 00:55  

edit someone else's posts, Weirdo.. out of order (imho)

   Update Reply
Junction47 @ 18/10/2011 01:20  

People jumping to an assumption that 'has to be right cos they say it is'

When in fact it's a million miles from right !

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Deleted User @ 18/10/2011 03:15  

Feeling tired & ready for bed earlier than usual, then not being able to sleep for hours/at all

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Junction47 @ 18/10/2011 05:38  

 Posts: 87       Pages: 5/5

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