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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

German Fling 2012

German Fling 2012 (36) - Forums [Biker Match] German Fling 2012 (36) - Forums [Biker Match]
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German Fling 2012

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Thats awesome i now feel like i have a guardian angel to watch over me to help steer me though life, altho probably chris has a very different analogy on that one, watching and waiting for his chance to kick me in the nuts for annoying him for a whole week with my anti social can that pops and bangs all the time lol

and diesel i could be your guardian angel saving you from you fueling antics even tho i just about took myself out on my rescue mission with 5l of petrol can skimming the rear tyre at 135 mph ready for the biggest explosion ever, i would have returned a burnt crisp looking like something out of a achme cartoon (i must learn how to use bungees properly) thanks aldo for you support of laughter at the time lol

   Update Reply
alpinab14 @ 14/05/2012 02:01  

Glad I could ease the embarrassment of doing something that silly with my laughter and finger pointing

   Update Reply
Edinburgh Saffie @ 14/05/2012 20:57  

aww thanks aldo your such a sweet heart, how thoughtful of you lol , ps when are we going to meet up and have a few beers together

   Update Reply
alpinab14 @ 14/05/2012 22:58  

hey scotty......might join you in september

still got 28 euros to spend on my ticket at the tunnel
bike will be a little enhanced by then but i will hold back for you

hope you are all well

offer is still open if anyone wants to come to cornwall (park home to rent £20 per day in the summer...foc in the winter)


   Update Reply
johnpurse @ 22/05/2012 23:54  

I found 15 in me bike trousers yesterday lol as for enhanced anything would chap regardless

I might have three trips over there next year and deffo doing one for BM in April again.

   Update Reply
madscots @ 23/05/2012 00:26  

Is that it from the GF string?

bye all .....keep safe x

   Update Reply
johnpurse @ 27/06/2012 03:15  

Not long till the next one, need to start a list Madscots!

   Update Reply
Noddy1 @ 27/06/2012 17:50  

April 27th 2013 just after pay day also

   Update Reply
madscots @ 01/07/2012 23:29  

April 27th 2013 sounds good I'll put on the calender. I won't miss next years trip.

   Update Reply
Ducati Ed @ 03/07/2012 23:01  

Im comming!

   Update Reply
Noddy1 @ 18/07/2012 11:30  

Mmm that sounds interesting. Will look info up. ;o)

   Update Reply
fantasia @ 19/07/2012 11:04  

I'm looking into having a run up through the Black Forest this time on way into Germany.

So probably run this one 8 or 9 days this time. I have also looked into new roads from last two tours so looking forward to some new twisties.

   Update Reply
madscots @ 20/07/2012 12:42  

 Posts: 712       Pages: 36/36

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