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What is love

What is love (4) - Forums [Biker Match] What is love (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What is love

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A Womans Heart by Chris De Burgh..

Saying nowt about the artist.. but the song kinda fits it...

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rockchickeelicious @ 20/09/2011 14:55  

love is: loving someone when you know for sure. then you lose them and see them waste away to a horrible disease but still love them! no matter how long you live, you will always remember that love you had! and betty busa of course!!

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busa1089 @ 30/09/2011 00:11  

Love is....Having a good ol' cry when bad things happen to yer bike & not bothering who sees ya.....

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old red @ 30/09/2011 00:54  

Love is a path in life of which has ups and downs
Love can last and love can be lost
Love each day as tommorow could be the day you fall from love
only you will know you are in love

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sumodwarf @ 30/09/2011 01:24  

LOVE MEANS NOTHING !!! a tennis player.

   Update Reply
Weirdoraptor @ 30/09/2011 04:27  

....says it all, Weirdo !!!

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 01/10/2011 20:37  

love should have a government health warning

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Deleted Member @ 03/10/2011 00:50  

Love is unconditional devotion

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davidneale @ 04/10/2011 22:51  

mmmmmmh.................LOVE?????????????????????? its very fickle.....all hearts and flowers and then all weeds and thorns...............but between the cracks new life begins and the cycle starts again ......................... we are suckers for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 04/10/2011 22:58  

Love is knowing when to dive in with both feet and when to get ur running shoes on...

I still say bikes are much simpler to deal with than blokes lol

   Update Reply
mizzi @ 06/10/2011 22:40  

i still say blokes are better off with just bikes lol

   Update Reply
IanT1966 @ 06/10/2011 23:26  

Pmsl Ian... I have to say I wouldn't wish me on anyone :-) far too gobby, far too scatty, far too chaotic and I don't know when to shut up...I'm just very trying lol

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mizzi @ 07/10/2011 00:33  

I thought i'd found it!!!!!!!!! Then a Divorce proved me wrong!!!!!

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Eddieskidmark @ 09/10/2011 00:01  

True love is loving someone, no matter what's wrong with them, whatever failings they may have and whatever their physical appearance is like, todays generation seem to be attracted primarily by whats on the outside and not where it matters most.

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Deleted Member @ 13/10/2011 10:49  

is there one true love for everyone your sole mate? or can we have more than one throughout our lives? have to say i have never truely been in love. lust many times but it has wore off and one day u wake up and look at them then think oh my god what was i thinking.

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Deleted Member @ 13/10/2011 13:47  

Love is a pain in the derriere and the heart. Simples.

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Deleted Member @ 13/10/2011 13:56  

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