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Time to brave the forums

Time to brave the forums - Forums [Biker Match] Time to brave the forums - Forums [Biker Match]
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Time to brave the forums

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Been on the site a while now and thought since that i've found me footin', it was time to move onto the next step and brave the dreaded forums. Know one or two off the site already and recognise others from other places. It's definately a small world where bikers are concerned Anyway, me names Lisa and im networking more than owt else. Lookin for like-minded new pals into similar things so feel free to drop in and say hiya if yers wish. Maybe Catch yers all soon on these (in my experience,) bonkers, forum-type thingies Bye for now

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flamingred @ 14/06/2007 20:21  

hello lisa everyone i have met on here is nice peeps so have fun i say c

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earthwind @ 14/06/2007 20:26  

hiya lisa welcome to bm hun happy postin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   Update Reply
RC @ 14/06/2007 21:01  

Hi ya Lisa, welcome to the boards

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Di @ 15/06/2007 02:57  

Hi there Lisa, welcome aboard.
Grab yaself a cuppa, kick back and join in the fun and banter.
Moxey x

   Update Reply
Moxey77 @ 15/06/2007 05:07  

Hi Lisa, welcome to the FORUMS (Not the site). Stick around, ull love it, but yep u do neet to be a bit nuts!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 15/06/2007 05:25  

AWWW cheers everyone. Will catch everybody after the weekend. Missin the farmyard unfortunately due to lack o funds. (3rd year in a bloody row). Not all bad though cos me mates festival this weekend also. Managed to nab me sel a stewardin job so thats me ticket paid for lol. Just as bloody well really innit Anyways, whatever yers are doin have a goodun n dont do anythin i wouldnt do bye for nowxxx

   Update Reply
flamingred @ 15/06/2007 08:03  

Hi flamingred /Lisa Kwak

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 15/06/2007 08:44  

hi everyone only bin on site 2 days, love it, just sayin hello. p.s sortin photo.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/06/2007 09:29  

hiya GIXXER DAVEY welcome to bm , enjoy

   Update Reply
RC @ 15/06/2007 09:49  

hiya rock chick, thanks .

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/06/2007 10:00  

hiya lisa welcome to bm, will see ya around, bummer bout the farmyard rally but glad ya at least of to ya mates one enjoy

   Update Reply
storm @ 15/06/2007 10:36  

hiya gixxer davey welcome to bm pop i chat an say hi to us mad lot gets busy bout 9ish but sometimes is around 6

   Update Reply
storm @ 15/06/2007 10:38  

hiya storm, thanx will do.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/06/2007 10:48  

Welcome to bm gixxer, have a good time.

   Update Reply
Di @ 15/06/2007 11:47  

Cheers Storm. Hellooo to u too 'n' anyone else i aint said hiya toHad a good time anyway. Pist doon all weekend like. Me feet were drenched all weekend. Thought i was gonna get trench foot or somethin'. Had the sense to put me leathers on thank goodness so me legs stayed dry. It wasn't cold so I just got shit faced 'n' forgot about the weather. Was some great bands on 'n' some good Dj's check it out May even have some new pics on there cos i aint checked.

   Update Reply
flamingred @ 21/06/2007 19:02  

Hi flamingred, how do you stay DRY in your leathers? Mine leak like mad and I've put all sorts on em to waterproof em

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 21/06/2007 19:18  

Hiya Gixxer Davey and flamingred x x hope ur having fun x yeh how do ya stay dry??? x

   Update Reply
hilda123 @ 21/06/2007 21:58  

Hiya Gixxer Davey and Flamingred, I'm a newby too, xx

   Update Reply
cbrbabe @ 22/06/2007 00:23  

Hi Dave & hello again lisa

   Update Reply
oggy @ 22/06/2007 01:24  

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