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Ferry crossings

Ferry crossings (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Ferry crossings (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ferry crossings

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Sorry - the P&O price is for a bike and 2 people.

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Deleted Member @ 28/05/2007 19:36  

Quote Matt Quick question thats always bothered me though.... how the hell did they build the eurotunnel through water??? PLEASE tell me you didn't write that! PLEASE tell me it was Laura! PLEASE tell me you wrote it as a wind up!

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Di @ 29/05/2007 07:41  

laura wrote it

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Matt @ 29/05/2007 10:14  

yeh yeh

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Istaqa @ 29/05/2007 10:52  


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Di @ 29/05/2007 11:32  

well i ill kee checking the prices seem to vary quite a lot dont they at least its not a ferry on a rope like in the old westerns although i thinl that would be cool suppose you would need a long rope

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earthwind @ 29/05/2007 21:27  

duh spelling again slap slap because i always end up on here late at night when i shoudl be sound alseep in me bed dreaming of buffalo or some other mystical creature

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earthwind @ 29/05/2007 21:28  

dragons, unicorns, tall dark handsome man who worships you as you are and would walk to the end of the earth to be with you! Just a thought

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Di @ 30/05/2007 04:33  

Di dont you know you cant believe in mythical creatures like tall dark handsome men who worship you as you are and would walk to the end of the earth to be with you! come on keep it real stick to the unicorns and dragons and don't forget the faery's

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Istaqa @ 30/05/2007 04:54  

Yeah, I know but ya can't blame me fer trying And I only ever get cornish pixies that mess with me puter not lovely nice faeries!

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Di @ 30/05/2007 05:02  

I'll send some of mine to visit you but please dont send me the pixies they more mischevous than me

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Istaqa @ 30/05/2007 05:10  

lol di think ya man only exists in bridget jones diary !!! but we can all wish an hope cant we !!! wud be easier to find the end of the rainbow lol will have to rewrite the fantisy for here though lookin for a knight (motorbiker) on his trusty steed ( motorbike) dressed in hsi shining armour ( sleek black tight leathers) wanted to whisk us gals off into the sunset ( err rain clouds) lol ps any shy boys need not apply as most of us have kids ! lol

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storm @ 30/05/2007 09:43  

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