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Nickname given to me by my little bro and its stuck
Yoghurt, you aint killed the thread and think your username is a really nice tribute to your unfortunate mate

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wenders @ 27/06/2011 21:43  

That's very kind, thanks very much :)

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Deleted Member @ 27/06/2011 22:49  

mines pretty boring and simple too - can you guess what films I like and the year I was born????

   Update Reply
chickflick75 @ 27/06/2011 23:14  

I'm struggling on that one. Any clues???

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Deleted Member @ 27/06/2011 23:17  

Mine goes back to my Uni days when I played games on the PS2 and got to be very good at a couple of the fps's / tps's- I joined the top clan in europe for for one game in particular - all members choose a name based on the theme which was "Food" (mostly fast food) and I choose Potnoodle as I was eating a lot of them at the time.

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potnoodles @ 28/06/2011 01:41  

why do some people use bike names as a user name , don't they find that when you meet up and say "HI .....yfyfyffyfyuffdfy.............." don't you think its a little unpersonal

   Update Reply
Jack Jones @ 30/06/2011 16:57  

lack of imagination maybe?

   Update Reply
Boodyblues @ 30/06/2011 16:59  

If u go to a big meet an say "Hi John", half a dozen blokes will look up an say "u talkin 2 me?" But if u say " hi yfyf..."only 1 will look up But care tho, if u say "hello ivorbigun" - half the chaps will look up! (the other half will look away, sheepish like

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 30/06/2011 17:15  

i like that name "u talkin 2 me?" hehe trouble i would think if you named your self after your bike say a suzuki what if you went and bought a Honda !! later

   Update Reply
WheelyNealy @ 01/07/2011 14:24  


   Update Reply
cruiser mic @ 01/07/2011 23:51  

Pmsl.... Mizzi....short for mizzify... Had to think of a nickname for msn yrs ago hence mystify by inxs.... Or basically fukd if I know... Still love that tune tho

   Update Reply
mizzi @ 03/07/2011 21:46  

Midlifecrisis...guess!!! lol

   Update Reply
midlifecrisis @ 04/07/2011 12:22  

Stretch was my nickname at school an at work - an Mark is my name.....just happened to be creatin a logon ID for somewhere and the two just came together I guess lol :)

   Update Reply
stretchmark @ 04/07/2011 15:03  

I love Rossi!! I love cats!! my nick name is Kitty

   Update Reply
46kittykatt46 @ 04/07/2011 20:12  

it shouldn't be hard to guess

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 05/07/2011 00:42  

mines Dicko after my last name and ive had a few Exups since ive started riding..

   Update Reply
dicko-exup @ 10/08/2011 19:04  

I like my bikes orange .

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/08/2011 19:13  

my name is bobby. and i like a band called the ,Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. good job i stuck to just using Frankenstein!

   Update Reply
bobbyfrankenstein @ 10/08/2011 19:19  

I just love purple soooo much I'd paint everything in the world in it if I could - my hair already is!!!........and Betty? well, I leave that to you.....answers on a postcard please!...... not telling tho'

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Deleted Member @ 10/08/2011 20:57  

my names mandy and theres only one of me!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/08/2011 21:52  

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