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Taking the plunge!

Taking the plunge! (5) - Forums [Biker Match] Taking the plunge! (5) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Taking the plunge!

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Awww HRC I'm glad you're not giving up! We've all had bad days. I've set out on Ziggy and done everything wrong and ended up going home. Much better to ride when you're feeling good, then when you're not. It does seem alot to think about ..clutch, throttle, brake, gears, steering.. I thought I would never master it, but you will soon be doing it without even thinking about it.. trust me. It's a good idea to try the automatic, at least you will get a feel of biking, without having to concentrate on what the left hand etc is doing Good Luck

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Karey @ 02/04/2011 18:04  


Glad to see you not giving up


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PaulXXX @ 02/04/2011 20:54  

Hey Lady the world loves a fighter :)


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Brummie Jackie @ 07/04/2011 11:44  

Jackie is proof of that ...

HRC you will be better for it, I am no instructor but I would say stick to learning what you want to ride ... Only do your CBT on a twist n go if thats what you will ride round on for while not if you want a geared bike 1st off.

Get yourself some kalms and take them for a few days before your CBT they work, I was advised by my Dr to do that before my test after I was wound so tight cos so many were cancelled cos of the weather

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Deleted User @ 07/04/2011 12:20  

HRC if you want some moral support and it's not a school day for me, give me a shout and i'll come along and give you some moral support

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feistygirl @ 08/04/2011 16:55  

well I had a go on the automatic last night and I got some confidence back, thankfully! so feel a bit better
going to have another lesson tomorrow instead of cbt, don't want to waste another day - and yes, I know it's costing me more but I'd far rather be safe and confident than sorry and deaded!!!!

but can I just say.....I HATE THOSE BLOODY CONES!!!!!!!

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HippyRockChick @ 08/04/2011 18:59  

Hahah .. good for you! Just take it at your own pace, like you said. It will all come together, when you're relaxed and not stressing over it. Have a good day tomorrow.. try not to tense up.. relax your shoulders..and keep your head up. Don't look down at the cones, turn your head to look where you're going, not down at your front wheel...if that makes sense? Above all, enjoy yourself.

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Karey @ 08/04/2011 19:11  

Best thing you will ever do.

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ghosthunter @ 09/04/2011 07:18  


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Deleted User @ 09/04/2011 17:09  

well I only been and gorn and done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had another lesson on the moped and did ok, nerves sorted, everything done right so felt ready to re-book cbt. Got back in and put helmet and jacket away and then went to book for another day only to be told I was going out on the road for a bit just a little ride out and a few manoeuvres on an industrial estate he said!
Ok, I thought, not too bad, will give e a bit of practice........2 and a bit hours later and they give me my certificate

I'm soooo chuffed, been grinning like a Cheshire cat all the way home

Big hugs to everyone for all your support

Now, all I need is a BIKE!!!!!!

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HippyRockChick @ 09/04/2011 18:25  

Well done that lady ... now your 1/2 way to being my riding bud :-)

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Deleted User @ 09/04/2011 18:43  

Excellent news HRC. Another biker on the road!!

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RobL @ 09/04/2011 19:01  

Yayyyyy Well Done HRC! knew you could do it Good Luck with getting a bike

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Karey @ 09/04/2011 19:03  

yayyy knew you would pass congratulations HRC xxx

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Nutkin68 @ 09/04/2011 19:32  

Congratulations HRC x

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Deleted Member @ 09/04/2011 19:48  

Woo Hoo.well done HRC. So pleased for you huni. Get those pennies saved and get yourself out there on a bike enjoying the summer

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Minnie the Minx @ 10/04/2011 14:56  

well done HRC pleased for you . ( keep this to your self, but i gotta go there soon as ive never done a CBT in my life.... )

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mad mic @ 10/04/2011 16:32  

Go you Lady wahooooooooooooooooooooooo

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 11/04/2011 09:32  

Now to get her her bike ... so I wont be the only female riding from here to Wales next time

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 11/04/2011 09:33  

Well done HRC, and good to hear you're going to Barmouth on the bike this time Shell. Wish I was :(

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 11/04/2011 12:00  

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