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Panniers, Rucksacs or Bags

Panniers, Rucksacs or Bags (6) - Forums [Biker Match] Panniers, Rucksacs or Bags (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Panniers, Rucksacs or Bags

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Afraid so kooky.... like flicking channels on a Sky remote!

kwakgirl..... pleasure until those batteries leak and you get those nasty acid stains around your positive terminal!! ......

.....But, what is a guaranteed pleasure, is my set of Oxford throwover panniers. Lots of room in the expandable zippered compartment, with full waterproof covers. Double web under the rear seat with a click lock latch to prevent the top web from accidental fastening!

What's you're opinion, kwakgirl?

   Update Reply
sifimedia @ 25/12/2010 01:08  

Is it just the 3 channels or is there more!

   Update Reply
kooky @ 25/12/2010 01:24  

Oh No No No................. no clues, kooky! You'll need to find your TV guide!!

   Update Reply
sifimedia @ 25/12/2010 01:31  

ERM yes okay - other channels not so popular then as i wouldn't need to look on tv guide lol

   Update Reply
kooky @ 25/12/2010 01:50  

i personally would recommend ramming it all in brummie jackies car, especially the pan of home made chilli !!! hey drobs !!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/12/2010 07:41  

I take it 'ianhg1971' you don't like chilli, or for that matter, Brummie Jackie's car!!

That chilli sauce is a real pain to get out of car seat material..... It'll probably just stay there with all the other stains!!

   Update Reply
sifimedia @ 25/12/2010 09:31  

do we need a white flag to join in this? all of above seem quite valid (luggage options i mean! waving flag here look!) however, over years... if your leaving bike /luggage to do tourist stuff, hard luggage more secure/ less stealable? top box throws weight a bit back? tank bags great for stuffing stuff...gloves for on payage?....drinks......chips on way back from sea.. hard panniers more rain proof over weeks trip? (get leather seats, the chilli tends to rub off then if your quick, 5 second rule helps if you eat it quick?)

   Update Reply
oldyeti @ 25/12/2010 10:45  

@Kooky - we get everywhere...i bit like dust! Bring the vac...perhaps it will fit in the tail pack!

   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 25/12/2010 13:58  

That comment killed the forum, kwakgirl! Wanna try something else?

   Update Reply
sifimedia @ 27/12/2010 17:46  


   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 27/12/2010 18:17  

rucksacs are bad only fit luggage to the bike not youself

   Update Reply
yamahama @ 27/12/2010 22:29  

Here, Yamahama. There are 2 blokes in your profile picture. Are you a double act or something? (like one called Yama and the other called Hama). Which one is you?

Also. I never ride wearing a rucksack. I always tie any bags to the bike, that way your protective clothing can do its job properly should you and your bike part company.

   Update Reply
sifimedia @ 29/12/2010 20:59  

lol the other one is a certain Mr Guy Martin!

   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 29/12/2010 21:08  

Cheers kwakgirl. Good to know someone's up on the racing scene.

   Update Reply
sifimedia @ 30/12/2010 08:37  

i had a rucksac with a built in (removable ) spine protector, which also had an expandable jip, to acomodate your helmet off the bike, worked well, though i feel less bulky without it , and using hard luggage drops your centre of gravity (cos we are at such a cutting edge of skills) and anything i can do to apear less bulky is good (it`s only a little post holiday weight!)

   Update Reply
oldyeti @ 02/01/2011 16:37  

I've seen recommendations to carry laptops in rucksacks to insulate them from the bike's vibrations. Has anyone any comments about that?

   Update Reply
Cataraptor @ 02/01/2011 18:38  

I insulate mine by leaving it at home

   Update Reply
julie j @ 02/01/2011 19:59  

I am with you on that one Julie

Rather than risk my spine if I part company with the bike my 'top box' actually fits where the pilly seat goes, comes in handy for rallies or if I use the bike to go to work on, working in an accountants office it raises a few eyebrows still when I go in on the bike & then have a skirt & heels on in the office

   Update Reply
Deleted User @ 02/01/2011 20:22  

why do you want to take a laptop on a bike Cat.

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 04/01/2011 03:35  

I don't at present but I used to as part of my job when I worked for riders' rights. Plenty of people who use a bike for work may want to do so. However, I always carried it in the tank bag when I took one on the bike and it didn't seem to do it any harm. Magazines suggested using a back pack to carry a lap top so I wanted to see how that squared with the discussion.

   Update Reply
Cataraptor @ 04/01/2011 07:11  

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