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to harley or not to harley

to harley or not to harley (5) - Forums [Biker Match] to harley or not to harley (5) - Forums [Biker Match]
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to harley or not to harley

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He did eddie!! (never get the tractor reference... is it cos the name sounds a bit like Massey Ferguson or cos they are 'supposedly' agricultural..?)

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TeeCee @ 27/06/2008 12:32  

a Goldwing one day still the best touring iron you can buy even though many have copied the format) So in one sentence you've upset the Honda Pan owners and the entire BMW Club What does a Goldwing do that you can't do by cutting two wheels off a Winnebago, anyway? *Hides from the wrath of the Goldwingers...*

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Wills @ 27/06/2008 12:37  

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

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TeeCee @ 27/06/2008 12:38  

re. DN-01... Can't WAIT to try one!!

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TeeCee @ 27/06/2008 12:40  

give the yanks thier due the sportster is soooo easy an simple to work on!cassette gearbox out in a jiffy!!basic nuts an bolts engineering!as was there stuff in the war easy to work on reliable spare parts easy to fit an done[an if yu like workin with your hands enjoyable!the bike not the war stuff!] quickly! cmon!! someone say they have to be!!!

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tangoman60 @ 27/06/2008 17:55  

As someone who built his first five cars by hand and who USED to know how car engines worked, that is exactly what I want in a bike!! Yes, I have had things go wrong with my Nightster (Sportster) but I have been able to fix them myself!! I have driven cars home with battery jumperleads as a clutch cable and shoe laces as accelerator cables... give me old-school anytime!!!

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TeeCee @ 27/06/2008 18:23  

 Posts: 86       Pages: 5/5

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