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Ever wondered?

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Ever wondered?

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Why isn't there mouse-flavoured cat food?

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 23/10/2009 23:32  

Easy,, they would play with it then drop it at your feet...

   Update Reply
limeninja9 @ 23/10/2009 23:44  

same reason there aint cat-flavoured dog food? lol

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 23/10/2009 23:56  

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 24/10/2009 00:09  

Noah idea

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/10/2009 07:10  

Cats will chase and eat anything smaller than themselves so flavour isn't really relevant. So you should be asking....Why isn't there a frog/butterfly/mouse/spider/fly/moth/sparrow flavoured cat food. I guess the market for artificial mouse flavour just isn't in that much demand lol I have eaten rat once but not mouse.

   Update Reply
ghosthunter @ 24/10/2009 07:51  

Wouldn't a human have to eat a mouse to know what flavouring to add to cat food to get it to taste like a mouse? I can't beleive I'm bored enough to be thinking about this never mind posting about it What did the rat taste like, and don't say 'rat'?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/10/2009 08:16  


   Update Reply
WheelyNealy @ 24/10/2009 10:03  

BORED ??? Never !!! Ghostie. . .if cats eat anything small that runs around , then why doesn't cat food come on wheels?? Bloody h. . .I don't even have a cat!

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 24/10/2009 11:23  

what u lot see in cats ? theyve got u wraped round there there imagenary fingers ant they !!!!!!

   Update Reply
WheelyNealy @ 24/10/2009 12:25  

Hmmm, what's the opposite of Sarcastic?

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 24/10/2009 12:26  

Why are Walkers beef flavoured crisps suitable for vegetarians but cheese and onion aren't.

is there another word for Thesaurus.

and why when you go AAARRRGGHHH!! in a library everyone one goes ssshhh! but do it on a plane and they all join in.

   Update Reply
vinnie @ 24/10/2009 20:16  

Kwack, the rat tasted like the sauce it was BBQ'd in! Some Gurkha concoction of spices...them buggers used to eat owt!...funnily enough though they got pissed on a pint.

   Update Reply
ghosthunter @ 24/10/2009 22:06  

Mm Ghost I shoulda thunk of that lol Blue my answer is 'humourless', it has to be my answer, cos I is sarcastic Vinnie, when it says 'flavour' or flavoured' it means it tastes like the real stuff but it isn't. If a product says 'beef and onion' or 'strawberry' without the word 'flavour/ed' then it has to contain those ingredients.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/10/2009 23:02  

Soz Kwak,,

FlavourED has to have the ingredient in... It is flavoured with ... whatever.

Flavour only has to taste like it and that would be subjective..

The rest is correct,,,

   Update Reply
limeninja9 @ 24/10/2009 23:31  

Opposite of sarcastic??? Hmm?? Notcastic?? Narcotic?? PASS!! Another word for thesaurus?? Synonymaurus??? Sounds more like a dinosaur to me!! LOL. ... .thanks for the giggles you equally bored people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 24/10/2009 23:45  

Well LN I'm glad I got summat right, I'd hate to think I wasted my keyboard ink

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/10/2009 23:49  

My reason is but to serve...

(insert winks and laughs of your choice)

   Update Reply
limeninja9 @ 25/10/2009 08:24  

Lime if u r here but to serve ................ weres my cuppa ????

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 25/10/2009 11:07  

Why is there no solar powered sun dial.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/10/2009 15:39  

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