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In a moment of madness, and not least cos the tattoist is rather gorgeous, I went and had two tatts covered up today on my wrist. So instead of names I now have a rather nice purple rose and a couple of green leafy things! AND a wee tatt behind my right ear... looks great! Got me wondering who has what Tatts, or is anyone planning a new one? them or hate them?

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cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 15:56  

I want one on my lower back, just cant decide what to have, once i do then i shall be there in a flash :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 14/08/2009 16:36  

i have six, and more booked

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2009 16:40  

I now have 16 I think.... various designs, mainly angels/fairies etc etc. Todays were the first with colour... and i have to say they look better for it.

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cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 16:41  

i have my kids names on my wrists...i wouldnt go down the road of a partners again !!!! lmao

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2009 16:44  

lol Ian... all these years of having tatts, and I NEVER had a blokes name ever... although I do have my kids names. The last blokie talked me into having his name tattooed on my wrist (both sides!) and about three months later walked out lolol...kiss of death I tell ya. Now he's been gone 6 months I felt it was time to delete him in more ways than one! Pleased with the tatts today though.

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cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 16:55  

I woke up one morning in 1979 after a heavy session with a bandage on my arm, tried to recall how I injured myself, and low and behold . . . It was funny hearing similar 'Oh my God's from all round the messdeck (navy boys) then found 7 of us had all gone to a tat parlour half way through the sesh!! I never regret it but i know some of them have tried lazer removal treatment, and/or cover ups since. Only had one more - to balance up the arms, but still thinking of more.

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2009 17:06  

I find them strangely addictive!

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cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 17:10  

I have a pegasus in flight through the clouds on my right shoulder, it was designed for me by a dear friend who passed away 10 years ago & I love it Will have one done at the base of my spine when my son has designed one for me.

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Deleted User @ 14/08/2009 18:01  

Nice one shell... I was going to have one lower back, but then I had one on the upper back, centred on my spine... and it hurt like nothing I had ever felt before! So never been brave enough to have the other one respect!

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cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 18:10  

I had my first about 20 years ago, a rose bud on my left b**b.It was the 9th one the tattooist had done. my husband had a skull peering thru a rip in his arm done at the same time.
no more for years and years, then one on my lower back 5 years ago, then a flower on one shoulder, followed by a flower on the other shoulder, followed by the first flower having several more flowers and leaves etc added to make it cover about 8 inches by 10 of my shoulder and upper back. then I had the Eye of Horus intwined with the head of Anubis on the top of my back. last one was an extension of the one on my b**b, its now a beautiful rose. I want lots more, I agree they are addictive and I find the feeling of being tattooed oddly relaxing and i completely zone out.
I usually have one done at momentus times in my life

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2009 18:13  

Sound great ! Yes, I zone out too... nearly fell asleep while he did the one behind my ear today!

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cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 18:26  

I actually fell asleep the 1st time I had mine done lol... 20 years later when I had it 'touched up' as parts of it had started to fade it was a different story tho, then it hurt like hell as he was going over the same design so as he said was breaking through scar tissue which is harder than normal tissue. My son has designed a few for me, he does some for the local tattoo place so I know that what I get will again be only me that has it... but he has not quite nailed the design that I like yet.

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Deleted User @ 14/08/2009 18:27  

How come im only wimp to feel PAIN Ur all odd. PS: MY one and only Tat is now healed lovely....I can now sunbath without me slippers on..I love my Tattoo... Took my own design...But the clever man created a wrk of ART...Fanastic to watch it develop.

   Update Reply
Roaring Ruby @ 14/08/2009 18:27  

oh I am odd lol... what sort of design RR ?

   Update Reply
cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 18:28  

where do i start big punks not dead mohican skull on calf big tribal skull with dagger through on other calf native american head dress skull top left arm motorbike chain armband underneath B.S.A logo beneath that very important tattoo 1st bike and later on 1st custom bike A10 & A65 lower arm hot rod stuff top right arm S.R.V playing lenny another bike chain armband F.T.W in olde english script underneath skull over a shovelhead engine & hot rod stuff lower arm with plans to tidy lower arms into half sleeves more flames dice e.t.c

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punkdude @ 14/08/2009 18:34  

Oh well no good trying to compete with you the punkdude lol..... i forgot the one on the base of my back.... both my daughters got loads too, and they are bike mad........ are they clones of their mummy???

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2009 18:44  

i havent got any tattoos and im not getting any


do you think its because ive got no tattoos lol ?

   Update Reply
dunans @ 14/08/2009 18:58  

each to their own Duns... do you just not like them? How do you feel about other people having them?

   Update Reply
cissystar650 @ 14/08/2009 19:06  

I have 2 tattoos which I really like, the one on my shoulder started its life as a dolphin but I decided I didnt like it so had it covered with 2 flowers and other bits, I also have one on my foot which I had dun last yr, thats one hurt like hell esp as they went ova the boney part of my foot.I would like 2 add to it wiv some butterflies or summat but at present moment I aint brave enough2 have it done.

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drobess @ 14/08/2009 19:13  

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