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Help new people to survive!

Help new people to survive! - Forums [Biker Match] Help new people to survive! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Help new people to survive!

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I've been reading loads of different threads over the past few weeks and good advice from all sorts of people on all sorts of topics. There's loads of us new people returning to biking after 20 years, we can ride a bike but we don't know the territory we're riding in any more. If you've got any knowledge relating to anything that might be useful to build a picture of what we're up against to stay safe, shout up! Whether it's training, road surfaces, tyre make-up, maneuvres, weather or personal experiences. If you share it you could save someones life but more importantly mine lol

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RustyKnight @ 02/08/2009 23:26  

I think it maybe best if folk ask specific questions then they get specific replies, yea? All new riders want to know as much as seasoned riders in half the time, it's human nature. (I'm a newbie or was, I'm a pedestrian now)

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Sandi @ 02/08/2009 23:29  

I go by Murphys Law If shit can happen it WILL makes me ride a lot slower than some of my friends but I get there which is the main thing

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micksaway @ 02/08/2009 23:32  

Training, Training, Training! The biggest safety aid a biker has is his/her brains. Bikes and roads and trafic conditions change over the years, but your "biking brain" may not have. Skills become rusty after a month or two without riding, so after years its almost like starting again. Bikesafe comes highly recommended, by myself and others. Contact your local ROSPA/IAM group they are a great bunch of people, who usually give up their time for a brew and a contribution towards their petrol money. Otherwise, if you have a friend who is good on a bike and you trust them to ride safely then go out with them, but dont go out with a big group as there is pressure, even if its not acknowledged, to keep up and ride beyond your limits. Most of all, take your time and enjoy it.

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Deleted User @ 02/08/2009 23:36  

*I think it maybe best if folk ask specific questions then they get specific replies, yea?*

Of course that's what I meant Obviously to avoid total confusion lol Why is my text so bold!!

Anyhow in the mirror signal maneuvre thread someone talks about always creating an escape route. I've watched the vid but can't see how the rider could have done anything else, can you?

micks it's all new and exciting mate, still want to ride quick but still be safe!

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RustyKnight @ 02/08/2009 23:36  

Thats the Balance RK. If you feel uncomfortable then you are pushing to hard. I some times talk myself round bends or section of road bit like police do when following someone picking up dangers or signs I find it helps me focus. Some may think Im nuts but I find it helps

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micksaway @ 02/08/2009 23:42  

I found growing an extra pair of eyes up your arse helped lol

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pondlife @ 02/08/2009 23:52  

So do you think training is important frag lol I joined ROSPA 2 month back but haven't done anything with it, you've just reminded me, must give them a call to find out what they're doing!

That's a good tip micksaway. I've only done that twice since starting riding 2 months back but the only thing I shouted was OH SHIT! fortunately after the second time, i'd learnt lol Reading the situation and saying it to yourself is a great idea mate

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RustyKnight @ 02/08/2009 23:55  

Rusty your text was bold cos you'd copied mine. Next time just highlight your text and click the B and it will remove it.

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Sandi @ 03/08/2009 00:04  

Spooky RK,have just finished sending you a pm after reading your post in the MSM thread,which would now be called,mirror,signal,observation,manouvere by the way,regarding refresher courses for folks retutning to biking and a very good local school that offers it.Hope this helps.

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:04  

They've got mirrors on for that that these days pond! lol

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RustyKnight @ 03/08/2009 00:04  

If you get to the OH SHIT stage you have messed up big time but as long as there aint an ouch after it learn from it. We all make mistakes. I nearly lost it couple of years back farmer turned into a field as I was passing. (much to fast as I was late picking up my nipper) He cliped my Exhaust as I had lifted my foot just in time gave me a scare and woke me up to what could have gone wrong

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micksaway @ 03/08/2009 00:05  

Paranoia, suspect everything, watch everything, assume evererything is dangerous and every other driver is trying to kill you. Some days it really is true

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prof @ 03/08/2009 00:05  

I had 2 very close shaves in my first week of biking prof and it scared the s**t out of me so I fear everything on the road now! I don't want to get complacent again!!

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RustyKnight @ 03/08/2009 00:12  

You have 2 ride at your own speed, never just follow someone and take your clue of them, allways look down the road, look for problems and b ready for them, plan your manoeuvre well in advance, expect everyone 2 do the wrong thing at the wrong time, leave yourself enough room 2 manoeuvre. I could go on and on, but if u remember one of these things it may save your life, good look

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Bikeabill @ 03/08/2009 00:33  

i only give good advice !!!!!, all i will say is ride to your own capabilities, if riding in a group and they tanking on a bit, dont try and keep up if ya cant, you have nothing to prove, the highest percentage of fatalities when riding in a group is the rider at the back riding way beyond his / her ability just to keep up....dont feel pressured just enjoy !!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 00:38  

expect the unexpected

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pondlife @ 03/08/2009 01:20  

my thoughts exactly ponds

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 01:40  

Training is all well and good but you have to put it into practice practice practice, the more miles the more confidence it gives but you've already identified a potential pitfall and that is being complacent, keep your head on a swivel and your eyes in that head the same, take things in and do not day dream if you find your mind wandering stop pull over and have a bit of time off the bike to recharge/re focus, never ride without having food or drink before hand thirst/dehydration and lack of blood sugar will make you tired and your concentration level will drop dramatically as you do more miles, especally not good in heavy traffic or on a motorway. Planning ahead comes with experiance too, looking where you are going (and the bike follows where you look especially in a crash lol), keep a safe distance between the veihical in front, plan where you can go if your path is blocked, if someone is following you too close, let him pass. Never be bullied into going faster than you are happy with or the conditions allow.

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Hull750Rider @ 03/08/2009 01:54  

good advice hulls and a good post

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Deleted Member @ 03/08/2009 01:56  

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