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General Chat/Anything Goes

What Bikes have you owned?

What Bikes have you owned? (5) - Forums [Biker Match] What Bikes have you owned? (5) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What Bikes have you owned?

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Ive only had two bikes the one i bought to learn on and the one i own now
1st owned Yamaha SR125
1 I own now Yamaha XJ900F
bought the XJ nice and cheap but its ended up costing me a fortune in exhaust pipes, cdi unit and now the forks and its got a sticky rear light swich!
The moral of the story?, Cheap bikes arn't always as cheap as you might think lol

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yorkshireman91 @ 04/10/2009 19:56  

Im including my moto-x bikes in this....big part of my life.. cr250 x3 cr500 x3 kx500 x1....montesa 247 and 348 cota trials and bultaco 325 trials....then passed my road bike fireblade rrx....hayabusa.....currenty shared triumph t140 ...own a race sp-1 road sp-1 and gsxr thou k7.... dont you all just love

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Deleted Member @ 06/10/2009 20:59  

dont you all just love Oh yes!

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Sandi @ 06/10/2009 21:05  

oh didnt get street triple or hornet gsx1400 got a cool 900 speed triple old bikes rule ! fit better too !

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WheelyNealy @ 14/10/2009 19:12  

Woops ! make that 900 Daytona better still Altzimers indeed

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WheelyNealy @ 14/10/2009 19:14  

125 yam yam 1100 virago 250Bsa 650 triumph r90s bmw mk1 moto guzzi lemans mk3 moto guzzi lemans honda rc 30 ducati 916

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indian Benny @ 14/10/2009 22:04  

Suzuki DR 125
Honda CX 500 Eurosport
Suzuki GT 750 - blew the baffles out of the exhausts on the way back from Melbourne raceway.
Harley Davidson 883 Hugger, 1200 conversion, customised - boy that was fun wish I'd have had the space to keep it.
Harley Davidson FXDX Super Glide Sport.
Harley Davidson FXDF Fatbob.

Not a great list but I loved them all.

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vinnie @ 16/10/2009 20:02  

CB100N Z400J GPZ750 GP550 ZZR600

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Deleted Member @ 16/10/2009 22:13  

You must have a very big kitchen, Netty

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Wills @ 16/10/2009 22:17  

only been biking 3 years but already chalking them up lol!! Honda CG 125 (little old "Jen" kick start only!) Ducati Monster 620SIE (could only just reach the floor even after full lowering job!) Harley Davidson 883 XL Low (my "baby" who I loved dearly and learnt an awful lot on!) Kawasaki VN800 (soon to arrive so Ill tell you more about her later pmsl!!) that's me and far lol!!

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babyharley @ 17/10/2009 19:25  

well I have to confess there was a major break between the first four and the last few. And despite extraordinary attempts by Jasper Carrot my mom would so NOT let me put me bike in the kitchen and clean it with gunk!!!!! Had to wait until I was the mistress of me own kitchen ........ and where can you buy gunk from these days? And Swarfega?????

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Deleted Member @ 17/10/2009 19:53  

Since 2001, I had: Honda SG 125 Yamaha (?) 125- Blue Yamaha (same model)125- Black Honda (?) 125 from Thailand Yamaha (?) 125 (Trail) Honda (?) 250 ( Trail) Honda Vigor 650 -Yellow Honda Vigor 650- Blue Yamaha MT -03 Black- To get on 25/26 November 2009 Could not go for a ride test - still buying the Bike

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Leninhabiker @ 22/11/2009 21:03  

Honda SS50 Honda CG125 Yamaha YR5 Honda CB400-4 Kawasaki Z650 Honda CB550-4 Honda CBR600 Ducati 600SS Ducati 750SS Triumph Sprint 955RS Triumph Sprint 1050ST Spread over the last 34 years, so not many really

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Rob1050 @ 23/11/2009 10:42  

posted mine but best put the latest one on..... suzuki vz 1600 marauder

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Deleted Member @ 23/11/2009 12:02  

Started with a Honda C50 but progressed to the old favourite Yamaha FS1e DX! once old enough. Order may be a bit out of kilter on the rest: Honda CB250 (G5) Honda XL125 Bridgestone 175 (blue!) Bridgestone 175 (red!) Some kind of Puch 50cc Honda Pantheon 125 Yamaha XVZ1300TF (2000 model) Bought new, still own Yamaha XVS 650A (1998 model) First major Ebay USA purchase, still own and now in the UK. BMW GS Adventure 1150 Yamaha XVZ1300TF (2003 model) Another US purchase, now in Poland Yamaha XVS650 custom chopped and bobbed 2003, another Ebay USA purchase, now in the UK Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 (2005 model) another US purchase, still in the US ready for next years road trip across America.

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shooter @ 24/11/2009 21:13  

Suzuki TS125 first bike 1976 BSA A65 Thunderbolt with a double adult sidecar Yamaha XS250 Triumph Tiger TR6R 650 2 Ariel arrows (bought as a project) then I stupidly sold for £75 in 1985 2 Honda 400/4’s used for despatch work in 1986 Honda VFR1000 sold in 1989 because it was toooooo rapid Honda Superdream 250 ( PITFA 1) scrapped in 1995 Honda VFR400R NC21 current (my dream come true) Honda Superdream 250 current ( PITFA Mk II )Kawasaki ZZR400 currently sorn winter project

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Deleted Member @ 25/11/2009 22:59  

Yuppie, got the bike today ( Yamaha MT 03) ! That's the best bike I ever owned ! I think I 'll call her - "Little Monster" Never named any bike before, got this idea on this site... Can't wait to go for another ride again...

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Leninhabiker @ 27/11/2009 01:49  

Hmmm tricky this one as i have had more bike's to use than i have owned be hear goes,
Honda c90 x3
Suzuki gp100
Suzuki gp 125
Honda mt 125
Kawasaki zzr400 d1
Kawasaki zzr1000 d1
Kawasaki zx9r c1
Kawasaki zx9r e2
Kawasaki kle500 a1 x3
Kawasaki kh125

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sdv9r @ 27/11/2009 19:33  

Christ, this got me thinking...well bikes I've actually owned rather than ratty off roaders and stripped honda C90s that never saw tarmac... Yam DT175...trailie type thing. I was young and didn't know better Yam XS250....see above. Me mates had suzi X7s, honda superdreams, KH250's, i just played catchup Honda CB500T what where they thinking when they built this? Felt like an old brit twin, but slower an uglier.(it was cheap) Triumph T140 this was a chopper!! looked great, rarely ran, nostly pushed. Kwak Z650c cracking bike! Loved it. Toured europe on it. Honda GL1000 more euro touring (was stationed in west germany at the time) Kwak Z900 best bike I ever owned. Sold to pay deposit on first mortgage.... Yam XS1100 very fast in straight lines. Motorway monster. hated corners. Suzi GT500 fun fun fun. Must tell the tale of the day it ran backwards...... Suzi 100 commuting tool, nuff said Honda CB750 bit retro, cheap at the time Suzi 800 Volusia Harley clone. my foray into the cruiser world, it was a short visit. Not a bad bike for 50bhp. Suzi 1200s Bandit the UJM of all UJMs. did everything, never had to lay a spanner on it. Kwak GT1100 see above. Buell XB12s love this bike. still own it and will never sell. Honda GL1000 bought for rallying. You can't carry much on a Buell. Yam FJ1200 with sidecar again bought for need more stuff as you get older...... Trike. as per the pics, but it now has a 1200 engine, extra rack, different is constantly evolving. Great fun and no helmet.. That's it so far. My daughter asked me if I had owned bikes all my life? Not yet!!!

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8 ball @ 22/12/2009 10:56  

enjoy : [in'dʒɔi] vt. &vi. 享&a...6;欢

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shinzo @ 24/12/2009 14:54  

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