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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (541) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (541) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Blimey, that's a turn up for the books .. a boot wiper!!

Welcome, come on in.. ......

《Spits (on boots), polishes, remembers CV19, apologises》
Thanks @ Lindsay.
Best for CBT @ SuzukiShelley

   Update Reply
Crooozer @ 07/09/2020 18:56  

Just joined ,am from Newcastle Upon Tyne,Hello.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/09/2020 01:25  

Hi all, new member from Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire..
Be great to get to know new people..

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/09/2020 14:58  

Hi, I new here. I recently moved to Milton Keynes, and ride a Z1000sx.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 11/09/2020 18:53  

Welcome onboard VN and Trunkie.

Dipped your toe in, why not jump right in? The water's warm ... Err, ok warmish!

Get involved on the forums/chat, and check out any meets or rideouts, they are great opportunities to meet members and get to know people.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 11/09/2020 22:46  

Good afternoon all , mitch from Manchester just popping on to say hello

   Update Reply
Just Mitch @ 12/09/2020 15:23  

Hi, just back after long absence Nice to see some names still here. Let's look forward to a better year ahead. Hope you're all well.

   Update Reply
Dove @ 13/09/2020 00:29  

Hello all. Didn't realise this site had a forum d'oh. I'm relatively new to the Nottingham area and looking to find some bikers to go on rides and meets with. It's a bit late in the year I know but hey better late than never.
I mainly go on solo rides around the peaks but would really like to join others as I'm used to being a pack rider back down south. Don't be shy and come say hi.

   Update Reply
Scoobydoo81 @ 13/09/2020 19:34  

Hi all - just joined this evening - recently divorced and really missing the pillion passenger life - I have at least 14 years experience and can provide references if needed 🤣

   Update Reply
BikeMadRockChick @ 13/09/2020 19:56  

Hi all newbies welcome to BM and do what Lindsay's say.

A right hook from her hurts if you don't listen.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 13/09/2020 20:46  

Hi all, just joined today. I’m in Maidstone and looking to meet people for ride outs or just drinks if the weather’s crap! Gave up riding in all weathers years ago! I just ride for fun now

   Update Reply
Typical man @ 16/09/2020 23:48  

Hellooo 👋 and a big fat welcome to all newbies/returners.

Scooby, BM has 11 forums and a chat room. 🙂

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 17/09/2020 09:02  

Hi all, I'm here to makes some friends and I hope find some new places to visit around the UK on me NC. The only weather I avoid is -5 or lower and Snow, that's it. Happy riding peeps!

   Update Reply
MJ retro @ 17/09/2020 20:28  

Evening all - just joined so checking in.

Anyone near Broadway this weekend?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/09/2020 21:54  

Morning all, new as of yesterday evening.

Fingers crossed I get to meet some bike enthusiasts, go on some rides, all that good stuff.

Look forward to speaking to you guys 🤘🖤

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/09/2020 10:12  

Welcome to BM

You have all made your first post, may you make many more.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 25/09/2020 11:40  

Hi all, just joined ,is this plenty of fish for bikers....😆 ,I've been riding for 30 years and ride for fun, hopefully meet some other nutters to play with at weekends .

   Update Reply
diamondlady1 @ 25/09/2020 22:27  

Hi everyone, new member, just joined. Lovely weekend for a ride.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 26/09/2020 10:18  

Hi all, just joined from the South East. Hope to meet some of you on the road before the snow comes!

   Update Reply
dmb414 @ 26/09/2020 15:02  

Hellooo 🙋and a mahoosive B M welcome to all our newbies.

(If you enter the chat room please wear a virtual face covering, and a lovely virtual white jacket with buckles on, both in the cupboard behind the door, we're getting low on them, must ask Matt to order some more, oh yes and please don't eat the virtual crayons.) 🤣

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 26/09/2020 15:02  

 Posts: 11,244       Pages: 541/563

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