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Fed up

Fed up (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Fed up (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Fed up

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woo hoo on me way!!

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tangoman60 @ 20/02/2009 21:33  

Put on calender would be more fun than Glastonbury

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micksaway @ 20/02/2009 21:33  

*warms up fingys*

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XKLYBR @ 20/02/2009 21:35  

lol @ XK.. yeh .. beware im gonna be in hug overload on Sunday!! Catey bak atcha.. youve just mirrored my sentiments almost exactly. Tell me about the work thing..all my colleagues are bookin their hols.. one went to Iceland at Xmas , been to Germany to see her son, just been to Egypt and goin to India at Easter,,,and complaining that she cant be arsed to get her summer clothes sorted and packed again!! FFS these people dont deserve holidays! lol Hope u feel more upbeat soon.. i wil do ..the ba**ards cant keep me down for long Geoff, not the tickling stick agen?/ does that mean i have to supply the tar?

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Karey @ 20/02/2009 21:35  

Tar....?!! 'gulp'.....*dons runnin shoes*....

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Catey67 @ 20/02/2009 22:22  

Let me know when the tickle fest at Cateys is up on events will ya..don,t wanna miss that one...aaah...(especially as now she,ll be squeaky clean with bathroom up n running again)

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old red @ 21/02/2009 00:40  

Yeah same here Karey, annoying when they can afford holidays and you cant. I get around it by planning where bike and I are going this year. All cheap places in this country, and some off them are beautiful. Definites this year are Arran and back to Skye, with a maybe being lake district.

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tamaz @ 21/02/2009 09:48  

Awww tamaz..nice one. I'm gonna be going to as many rallies as i can this year, and hopefully gettin out on my bike some more, it beats lying round a pool all day, then gettin ripped off in bars at night, and coming home lookin like a lobster! lol I had some lovely tours around Scotland last year, (helped that my ex was Scottish,lol) and a trip down to Southern Ireland, plus the Moto Club Faro rally in Portgual, was brilliant. I would love to do the West Coast of Scotland, so thats what im aiming for. Eeeeeh I feel more positive today, and its glorious sunshine here.

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Karey @ 21/02/2009 10:01  

kaz - can you send over some of that sunshine?? it's really windy & VERY overcast here!!! bl**dy microclimate that we have here!! grrrrr

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Holmfirthgirl @ 21/02/2009 10:21  

Awww Stella.. its on its way ! ( hope i dunt run outta puff! lol)

   Update Reply
Karey @ 21/02/2009 10:29  

Beautiful here n'all...(sorry Stella)....well gotta say I feel better today too....even tho ive got a weeks worth of plaster dust to clean up! Reckon I'm gonna look at more campin trips n rallies this year too! Perhaps we should have a tickle-fest as a sponsered event....tho dont kno about u Karey...but they'd have to catch me first!!

   Update Reply
Catey67 @ 21/02/2009 10:39  

lol ..nice one Catey! definately have to catch me first...but i cant run fast lol

   Update Reply
Karey @ 21/02/2009 10:44  

Hee hee...where 'gettin tickled til yer cry' is concerned....I think I'd find some speed I didnt kno i was capable of....yikes!!

   Update Reply
Catey67 @ 21/02/2009 10:53  

all this talk about gettin tickled sounds good fun, never mind Karey will cya tomorrow hope you feel a bit better the sun is shinnnnnin yes! yes! yes!

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Deleted Member @ 21/02/2009 11:00  

lol.. cheers Rifraf .. tis amazing what a difference a bit of sunshine makes eh? Reet, im off inta tarn, catch u all later and see you's tomrra! xxx

   Update Reply
Karey @ 21/02/2009 11:12  

That's a new pair of running shoes on order with turbo boost

If ya doin west coast o scotland Kaz , don't forget yar midgy repellent , they are evil little fkrs on the west of the homeland , specially Skye where they have midgy time , everything grinds to a halt when the midgies are oot . See ya tmoz

   Update Reply
fastjock @ 21/02/2009 11:25  

Cool Karey, looks like a fun day tomorrow for you :)

Well start planning your Scottish holiday then, so many good places north west of glasgow.

Loch Lomond - Good camp site is beinglas (

Loads of good places to stay in fort william.

On way from loch lomond to fort william go via invarary, always loads of bikers there at weekends durig the warmer months.

Then onwards to Kyle, again, lots of b & bs on skye, kyle and surrounding area. Take some time out to visit plockton, ride the applecross road and pretend you are highlander at eilean donan. Having a day out off riding, take the steam train from fort william to mallaig, and go over the bridge as shown in harry potter movies. Maybe even go to loch shiel where bonnie prince charlie raised his standard(

Erm I should be working for the tourist board shouldnt I.

   Update Reply
tamaz @ 21/02/2009 11:33  

ahhh- I remember all them routes tamaz!!! absolutely BRILLIANT biking roads!! (well they were last time I was there <pillion> ), which I must admit is quite a while ago now..errr when the M74 was the A74 & was only just a dual carriageway !! lmao..first time I went up to Scotland, it was a single carriageway!!! **wanders away sheepishly as am now showing my age!!!**

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 21/02/2009 13:59  

Hey Dugald.. I know them blasted midges only too well. Me an my mates go camping in the Borders, Ettrick Forest, every August on the edge of a forest, beside a river at the foot of the hills.. absolutely beautiful, but the midges ALWAYS come out just as we're mekkin our tea.. u wud think we wud learn by now but we dont.. always get bitten to chuff! lol Apparentely Avon Skin-so-soft is meant to be good!.. im hoping one day i will be immune, but i doubt it! lol Tamaz, some brilliant roads there! I went up to Wildcats rally, John O'Groats last year, went up from Fife, but coming back down we did a bit of a scenic route, past Fort William, past Loch Lomond and Loch Ness and thro Glencoe. I can't remember the exact route as i was ont pillion, but it was enough to blow me away and make me wanna get up there lots more. My mates go up to Strontian, Mallaig every Hogmany and say its awesome, i get asked every year, but havent been..YET, always something gets in the way, but i will do. Errrm...yeh.. WHO do u work for? lol Lol @ Stella !

   Update Reply
Karey @ 21/02/2009 15:45  

LOL Holmfirthgirl, i wont ask what age you are being a gentleman, but ..... i do remember A74 being changed into M74, but I was a kiddie then :P

That skin so soft thing does work, my now ex got it when we were in skye and it works. Skye midges are something else!!

Nah, dont work for tourist dept, software developer.

   Update Reply
tamaz @ 21/02/2009 19:22  

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