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PARADISE... The place we all long to be..... Or even a place we'd all love to see.... To reach paradise, you have only to do one thing... Eliminate the parasite that strives to be king... The parasite of the mind, which dictates evil and bad... The scurge of mankind, which gives the right to be sad... Positive and negative reasoning, gives all the dont's and do's... Paradise, or parasite, which one will you choose?...

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Triumph_Sy @ 12/12/2008 23:15  

Can I phone a friend?

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Wannabe @ 12/12/2008 23:42  

PMSL @ Wannabe... nice one Arf...x

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Catey67 @ 12/12/2008 23:46  

Ok WB, thats a huge BBM for!!! Thanks Catey:o)

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Triumph_Sy @ 12/12/2008 23:49  

It's what you do if you don't know the answer to a difficult question - ask if you can phone a friend for help

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Wannabe @ 13/12/2008 06:42  

D'oh.......gotcha!....cheers:o).....afraid i've got the brains of a flip flop!

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Triumph_Sy @ 13/12/2008 17:20  

Nice thought --- which are you Arf??????????????

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Jansky1960 @ 13/12/2008 21:22  

Ummm...yep....brain in full flip flop mode again...afraid i aint gotta clue what the answer is to that Jansky!!...ooh..ooh...unless you mean Paradise/Parasite???.....will if so, i'll opt for Paradise please

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Triumph_Sy @ 14/12/2008 18:30  

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