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Bikeabill have you tried your honda dealer got my Blackbird Insured cheaper through mine And Wannabe stop encouraging TM hes bad enough at the best of times

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micksaway @ 25/11/2008 19:59  

Let's get an update on this thread then.
My insurance is due soon and need advice on recommended companies, ones to avoid etc.
Any tips on policy extras, what's worth it and what isn't? Overseas cover and breakdown cover - separate companies or options on policy and anything else I haven't mentioned.
The reason that I'm asking is that, after coming back into bikes around 3 years ago, and being in the sixth decade of life, I was shocked at how expensive my policies are (£500+ on one (2yrs NCB), nearly £300 on t'other (2 yrs NCB also), and that's with limited mileage) I haven't taken pillion cover either, just to keep the cost down.
Over to you lot!

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NotPhilMitchell @ 18/03/2018 00:42  

Two separate policies !?! Look at multi bike policies from the likes of Adrian Flux, you could look at Carole Nash ‘six wheel policies’ that is a ‘car’ and ‘bikes’ combined policy. The car and bikes have there own NCBs

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555byker @ 18/03/2018 01:13  

With all Insurance you will be tempted with the cheapest but remember its cheep for a reason, The excess will be high so read and think hard if you can afford to lose 6 to 700 if any thing does go wrong.
1 company I will never have a policy with is MCE they are the most complained about company out there they will find a way out of paying you what your due or a very high percentage.

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JP @ 18/03/2018 06:36  

Here's a tip;
On my Multibike policy I was told by the guy on the phone "Have you got a Classic bike Pre 1977, if so your insurance will drop". Having had a classic in the garage but uninsured because it wasn't road registered, he said give me the chassis number. 10 minutes later and it was covered with my other bikes and saved me over £200!

Thank you Carole Nash. 👍🏼

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Live to Ride @ 22/04/2018 22:25  

Great shout LTR, I have a "classic", pre 77, not road registered so I'll give that a go. My current dual-bike policy is with AXA via Bikesure and bloody expensive (around £800 for two), even though I spent ages shopping around last year. A lot of companies wouldn't touch the one bike at all. I though that old duffers got insurance cheap! Not this one!

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NotPhilMitchell @ 23/04/2018 02:04  

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