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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Tufty Club ride out to the Paris Bike Show

Tufty Club ride out to the Paris Bike Show (6) - Forums [Biker Match] Tufty Club ride out to the Paris Bike Show (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Tufty Club ride out to the Paris Bike Show

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PP I have just Googled French military victories very funny. Have rode a lot in France never had any trouble with Race can or anything else on my bike there police seem to have much more inportant things to do. had repairs done to my bike in a french bike shop went out of there way to be helpful and didnt charge me. This is only my personal dealings and Im sure there are some people with horror stories but I find it a lot more relaxing riding on europe

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micksaway @ 01/12/2008 21:55  

Cheers Mick! I have driven in France in various self-built cars many years ago and found the French VERY welcoming - the gendarmes even halted a dual carriageway to let us cross it once! Wasn't sure if things had changed with the thousands of EU laws that have surfaced since but doesn't sound like it. Can't wait to get over there again now!

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TeeCee @ 01/12/2008 22:02  

I have found That the French play lip service to EU laws. If your being a total twat they will lift you but other than that I have found them helpful

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micksaway @ 01/12/2008 22:08  

I'v had no problem with French police yet! they have turned a blind eye few times on things i have done and have waved me in to follow them a number of times to get me through traffic queues.

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Bikeabill @ 01/12/2008 23:24  

They slapped my poor old Dad in handcuffs in '75 and had him half-bundled into a van... there's me (7) my sis (nearly 4) bawling our eyes out thinking they're taking our Daddy to prison and my Mum trying to get us to STFU and explain to the not very nice at all policeman that we hadn't known you weren't allowed to overtake when such lines appear on t'road.

She got through to the bloke in the end... but it wasn't a terribly pleasant experience... took til the mid-90's before my Dad would drive in France again...

My Dad's about the most inoffensive chap you'd ever meet in your life... So it wasn't that he had any "attitude" or owt...

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Wannabe @ 01/12/2008 23:29  

They're french. Point a gun at them and they'll surrender.

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Deleted Member @ 02/12/2008 17:56  

Just discovered that the motorbike and scooter part of the show has been split off and won't be held until 2010. No reason, of course, why there can't be a BM run this year but be warned, the dress code will be lycra, not leather

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Wills @ 26/05/2009 23:20  

Gives me more time to get the required funds together. Redundancy ate into my Paris funds.

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Phil @ 26/05/2009 23:57  

Found this interesting, it's the first forum I posted in, looks like I might of upset a few people, there don't seem to be many of the southerns who posted still active on here, befor it starts again I'd like to say it was the roads around London I was talking about not the people, what's the first forum that you posted in ???

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Bikeabill @ 09/10/2019 23:10  

The idea of this run still sounds good though.!!

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monk860 @ 10/10/2019 14:22  

You might have trouble catching up with them monk !!

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 10/10/2019 19:35  

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