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Biker pubs and cafes

Biker pubs and cafes (4) - Forums [Biker Match] Biker pubs and cafes (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Biker pubs and cafes

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Thank you Red

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Deleted Member @ 05/02/2011 23:04  

Black Bull, Leith St Edinburgh

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madscots @ 05/02/2011 23:36  

The "H" cafe (formaly foxies) on the main oxford road at dorchester on thames. Bike night mondays.Great location.

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Deleted Member @ 23/02/2011 23:21  

Oh I give in! lol

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Sandi @ 26/02/2011 07:38  

Hey where's all the southerners got to
Well my local cafe is good and a great Wednesday bike night.

Oakdene Cafe London Rd Wrotham TN15 7RR

See you there.

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Deleted Member @ 28/02/2011 16:26  

Just seen in MCN's Biker Friendly (in association with!) Fourways Café Leighton Buzzard Road(A4146) Hudnall Corner Little Gaddesden. Sandi will be pleased to see that it even came with a post code HP4 1QP.

I know the road although I haven't ridden it for a while and wasn't aware that there was a café there. I'll check it out at some time. However, I do find it strange that no one has mentioned it in this thread when it has BM's name attached. The piece in MCN mentions other biker friendly pubs, hotels and cafés as well.

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Cataraptor @ 09/03/2011 18:46  

Hcafe in Oxon,on the main oxford road at dorchester on thames. Bike night mondays. Starts its biker nights on Monday the 4th of April, its a good night there...

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highwayman128 @ 09/03/2011 18:49  

The George and Dragon in Graveley near Stevenage, Herts, here some pics I took a couple of weekends ago, they have classic shows now n then and is a biker friendly pub.. Hope ya like the pics Cliff

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Cliffc @ 16/05/2011 19:42  

The horse and groom just off the a68 at castleside. Midway between darling

ton and hexham. A good stop off on a fantastic roadc

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GreyGra @ 31/05/2011 11:14  

Wharf View Cafe,Bridge Street,Otley,LS21 1BQ Not specifically a bikers cafe,but there's usually a fair few there along with plenty of the cycling crowd etc. Not cordon bleu but a very good breakfast and cheap too! The good Yorkshire dales roads are near,as is the Sun at Norwood.

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Sprint900 @ 31/05/2011 16:40  

Some folks in Keswick are planning to open a biker friendly cafe in the Lakes later this year
" We hope to open a 1950's/60's American Diner themed cafe later this year in Keswick, Cumbria - help us fight anti-biker opposition.
Sadly, some people in the village of Crosthwaite are trying to block the planning application (their objections are full of cliches & prejudice against bikers). You can offer support by adding yourself to their on petition:

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Minnie the Minx @ 31/05/2011 18:01  

it's only taken me nearly 2 yrs to see your post Minnie lol I wonder if the link still works and if the petition worked, is the cafe up and running or did the know-nowt objectors win? I've just checked, nope the link doesn't exist anymore

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Sandi @ 19/03/2013 10:26  

@Sandi - but the cafe does:

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izzyhill @ 19/03/2013 12:32  

We had a lovely warm friendly welcome when we called last year During our Lakeland Passes jaunt Highly recommended, there was a nice 250 Royal Enfield in the window Very biker orientated and great coffee too

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Emzed @ 19/03/2013 19:09  

Can I add Petrolheads in Bagillt in North Wales? A friendly club with their own clubhouse which is open to all...more here

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Wills @ 20/03/2013 00:08  

Yup Sandi, as izzyhill & em confirm the Filling Station biker-friendly cafe in Keswick has been open for over a year now & is going from strength to strength

It's a bloomin brilliant ride there which ever direction you approach from and Kieron & his staff are a lovely welcoming bunch. The food is ACE

They're hoping to be featured in a tele prog, take a look:

Dunno if that link will work. Muriel & Jasper visit in their blue anglebox

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Minnie the Minx @ 20/03/2013 00:49  

Thanks Izzy and Minnie Wills that's a club not a pub or cafe init?

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Sandi @ 20/03/2013 06:56  

No, it's a public cafe. Read what it says:

Petrolheads Cafe opened on 6th June 2010 by Kevin Wilding, a biker, in the hope of turning what was a brown belt site into a place where biker enthusiasts, people new to the road and people with just a general interest could meet up, share their passion and show off their wheels.

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Wills @ 20/03/2013 13:27  

I was going by what YOU posted, which was Can I add Petrolheads in Bagillt in North Wales? A friendly club with their own clubhouse which is open to all...more here No mention of a cafe in that posting, you put 'club' hence my query.

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Sandi @ 21/03/2013 00:00  

No point in splitting hairs, but I'd have thought the word cafe in the 'about us' page I quoted was a bit of a give-away!
Not to worry, come over to N Wales and I'll buy you a coffee

   Update Reply
Wills @ 21/03/2013 17:17  

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