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The Random Rant thread

The Random Rant thread (98) - Forums [Biker Match] The Random Rant thread (98) - Forums [Biker Match]
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The Random Rant thread

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polish ferkin shithead drivers every where , head butt them with your crash helmet on...... simples

   Update Reply
northlondon58 @ 07/07/2012 13:29  

stop'kin raining ffs,please.xx

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 12/07/2012 20:01  

Clicking on the member name that appears in my 'viewed me' list and getting this This member does not exist, does not yet have a profile, or has disabled their profile.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 15/07/2012 22:25  

I get that regularly

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 15/07/2012 22:53  

Hey I get that to, i thought it was me who had frightend them into leaving.

   Update Reply
Sweeny Todd @ 15/07/2012 23:37  

Entering customers details who entered a prize draw at work tonight (yawn yawn) Was spitting requested the company electronic newsletter to be sent to her work email address.... Makes me sick that she has the cheek to browse through our latest offers when she's at work when I know how I was made to feel at the bloody jobcentre when I was unemployed 2 years ago

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 20/07/2012 23:23  

Minnie, I confess to browsing your latest offers when I'm at work - although only at lunchtime

Scrotey kids who think they can mess with my bike and get away with it, once I find out where they live there will be ructions I can tell ya!!!

   Update Reply
HippyRockChick @ 21/07/2012 08:19  

Bl**dy Paperwork!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/07/2012 15:52  

Jeeeez whos idea to put donny park right under a flightpath to east midlands........we. all need sleep...or more beer :-)

   Update Reply
X Beanz X @ 11/08/2012 00:13  

Bloody Feckin' Tight a*sed councils who lay crap loose gravel road surfaces to save theirselves bloody peanuts!!

Apologies for ranting but........

Thanks to them, me and my mate came a cropper today on his 1200 bandit whilst rounding a bend. The gravel that had banked up and was impossible to see till we were on it just took the wheels out from under us - he got thrown clear, I went into the ditch with the bike on top of me.
Luckily the ditch was full of water and boggy mud, so I got a soft landing, but the weight of the bike pushed me further and further down!
A couple of car drivers with tow ropes stopped , so they soon had the bike off me and hauled us out.
Apart from a pebble dashed derrierre, some bruises, and a session of bog snorkeling I'm ok...though the bikes pride is severely dented.

Words are gonna be had!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/08/2012 21:25  

Oh no PB !!! Thats really bad to hear , goodness me hunnie .....please get them told asap when they open.................Big hugs and hope your soreness doesnt last too long , bless you, dread to think PB.. xxx

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/08/2012 21:29  

Oh heck thats bad news, dont know why they have to lay it that thick, I had a near miss a few weeks ago on a roundabout, it was that thick it was a joke. luck was on my side the back wheel just slid but managed to keep it upright, Glad you both ok and didnt get hurt.

   Update Reply
Sweeny Todd @ 18/08/2012 21:34  

Aww, thanks my darlings!!!

Sweeney -it probably wasn't that thick to begin with, but you know what happens when cars go over that stuff - ridges of it forms - which is what we hit!

Gen hunny - thanks for the hugs - I only hope they don't want photographic evidence of my 'pebbledashing'!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/08/2012 21:45  

Bloomin eck Betty!!! So glad you are ok. That is seriously scary

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 18/08/2012 21:47  

Tell you what Minnie, next time a mate comes knocking unexpectedly at my door, asking if I'm going out to play...... I'll just make sure I'm doubly padded up on the old derrierre ..... cos picking gravel out bloody hurts

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/08/2012 21:57  

But is this a good enough **ahem** friend to pick it out for you sweetie?? Take it that pair of troosers are fit only for the bin? Are you going to keep the offending pieces of gravel and integrate them into a collage??

   Update Reply
Minnie the Minx @ 18/08/2012 22:11  

Min - yer blushes are spared (mine too) cos my landing pad has already been dealt with!!!

As for the troosers - too right!

And the gravel - well - I'd like to put it in a tray, take it to the offending council - and encourage whichever official that ok'd the road surfacing to be done this way, to sit on and experience it.......

..... retribution shall be mine - oh yes!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/08/2012 22:51  

Good for you PB...... , i hope you sleep easy and comfortably too..xx

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/08/2012 23:00  

Bloody hell, pb!!! thank goodness it wasn't any worse ... tho I can't imagine a pebble-dashed bot being very pleasant, Ouch

Hope the bike recovers enough to offer you another pilly in the future:>

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 18/08/2012 23:03  

Glad you're still alive and kicking Julz. Hope the pilot is ok too. Has anyone noticed the state of some of our motorways lately? What looks like debris from previous incidents, still strewn on the ground next to the barriers. Road kill, gravel, bits of tyres, it's disgraceful and dangerous. Grit at a roundabout is a common sight and another place that needs cleaning up. At the risk of sounding like a scratched record WHERE DOES THE ROAD FUND MONEY GO TO?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 18/08/2012 23:08  

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