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Back on the road again =)

Back on the road again =) - Forums [Biker Match] Back on the road again =) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Back on the road again =)

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Hi =)

I rode bikes for many years but gave up not long after I passed my car test =( that was 14 years ago and I've just bought myself a 750 was supposed to be an Enfield as going to India rekindled my love for the British bike but being on tip toes and feeling the weight made me uneasy, anyway I sat on the shadow and found the bike for me =)
Today I picked up my bike and feel worthy of posting lol

In my other life, away from bikes, I enjoy walking, rambling and scrambling (not on bikes) I just started running/jogging this year and I strangly enjoy DIY


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Jollyrambler @ 16/05/2019 16:08  

Congrats on getting back on the road again, hopefully see you at squires sometime.

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double six @ 16/05/2019 17:16  

Went on a bimble over there tonight......I've never been to the new one

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Jollyrambler @ 16/05/2019 21:57  

But did you enjoy the bimble and partake of a world famous hot chocolate?

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double six @ 16/05/2019 22:28  

Similiarily I remember my first bike, a long long time ago now.

Exploration of places like the Yorkshire Dales, was a breathe of fresh air for me and my buddies back then 😎

So good luck Jollyrambler, with your new steed, and PS don't be doing any burnouts or pulling of any wheelies 😁😂

Now I'm singing on the road again aka Canned Heat 🎩

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yorkie mick @ 16/05/2019 22:32  

Or Frothy Coffee 😂😎

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yorkie mick @ 16/05/2019 22:36  

Eeerughh! 😷 Squires coffee!

I'll stick to a pot of strong tea, with a drop of milk please!

Welcome to B(asically) M(ad) Jollyrambler😉👍

Maybe catch up with you in a field somewhere over the coming weeks😁

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Lindsay @ 16/05/2019 23:14  

Thats great news 🏍💨

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Deleted Member @ 17/05/2019 00:26  

Well done

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daveybear22 @ 17/05/2019 07:28  

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