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Hi peeps, off to Norway later in the year, maybe nip into Sweden just to say we've been there. Just wondering if any one has any tips, or POI's. Apart from take waterproofs.

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rufus xx @ 18/03/2019 19:32  

It’s a great ride, fantastic roads and scenery. fjords around Bergen are breathtaking, the north is wild. I love the summer 24 hour daylight and let my body clock run how it wants. The camper vans are parked up by 2000 and you have the roads to yourself making them even better. Getting up later in the morning means the showers are empty if you’re camping. Cabins (hytte in Norwegian) are basic and good value but take your own sheet sleeping bags because duvets are usually included but sheets and covers are extra. When you’re northish Shops and restaurants generally shut before 2100 so don’t get caught out.
Lofoten is (ferry from Bodo and the ride back to mainland is an option). wild, rugged right out in the North Atlantic.
Great seafood everywhere.
Sweden’s not so spectacular and I’ve found it a bit more tricky for petrol in the country, it’s a big place and a lot of distance between civilisation.
If you ride in the dark be careful because the elk have no road sense. Reindeer are better but if they’re not already in the highlands it’s better to give way if they’re crossing the road.
Have fun.

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Deleted Member @ 18/03/2019 23:06  

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