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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Barmouth camp August 2019

Barmouth camp August 2019 (15) - Forums [Biker Match] Barmouth camp August 2019 (15) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Barmouth camp August 2019

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Dear JP
Thank your your reply
I attended the Yarmouth Takeover Rally earlier this year.
For £10 a night we enjoyed a field the size of a football stadium with lovely country views
Included in the price were all the WC and shower facilities with hot running water you could want at no extra charge and all were absolutely immaculate.
The site was extremely biker friendly and, like Barmouth, there was a pub within easy walking distance serving excellent food and beer.

When you consider the amount of time and cost in fuel that folks expended to attend the rally then I would think that they would be prepared to pay for the most excellent facilities we enjoyed particularly in view of the fact that they did not seem to bulk at the amount of money spent on food and ale at the local pub.

As for your comment about not attending many rallies, I have been a biker for 45 years and was a paid up member of BMF prior to joining Biker Mate and also have travelled and camped with my bikes all over this country and across most countries in Europe.

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Deleted Member @ 29/08/2019 18:38  

In that case I suggest you don't bother attending my events if the venues are that bad sorry you feel that way but life goes on.
By the way this is not biker mates

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JP @ 29/08/2019 18:39  

I think we all have freedom of speech and one shower... 2 toilets.... and they were sorry JP but would rather pay more

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Deleted Member @ 29/08/2019 19:06  

As I said you are welcome to go and look for a site that is more in line with your requirements

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JP @ 29/08/2019 19:26  

My two bob's worth now.

5 minutes every morning I used the toilet and only one time there wasn't any bog roll there (I did have my own anyway). washing my hands in cold water after wasn't ideal, but I then moved onto the shower anyway for another 5 minutes, so no big problem there.

Where there was only one shower working again wasn't a problem because I didn't have to Q once and it never blocked up on me. (maybe lack of hair so the drain hole didn't block).

OK not the cleanest bogs I've ever used, but who remembers the Kent Custom's portaloo's on a Sunday morning back in the 80's & 90's? now they was so disgusting, I would race back to London on the Sunday morning.

I spent just over 93 hours on the site and I covered 200/250 miles riding the great roads in the area, drinking good beer, eating nice food and chilling out with friends, leaving lots of time to take the michael out of CW and only 40 minutes of that time was using the facilities, not a lot really to worry about.

Also packed in like sardines, you put yourself there in that small space next to Dave VM's tent when the other side of Dave was Tezza and room for about six more tents that side.
Where my tent was, when I looked out of the front of my tent there was 20 to 25 feet to the next tent ahead of me, there was lots of room on our field let only the rest of the site.

Re the site at Great Yarmouth, you are right it is a lovely site and I'm very glad to hear that they are biker friendly now, because when Owd Stokey first found that site for us to camp near Gt Yarmouth for the Takeove (not a rally) 3 years, they was crapping themselves not knowing what to expect having bikers there and only just taken over the site.

Did I spend all of my two bob or do I get change.

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Ragnar @ 29/08/2019 20:39  

I think if you have a problem with it then suggest another venue. A site that you can ride up to on a bank holiday without booking before hand. There won't be any.

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cw @ 29/08/2019 20:55  

The majority of people have like myself been attending the Barmouth camp for quite a few years - know it isnt the ritz - and yes we would quite likely be happy to pay a few quid more for better facilities - but I for one admit that "I" am not prepared to spend the time "trying" to find a better site - and hence remain content with JP's arrangements!
However why do we all keep going back it cant be that bad lol - or is it the great roads and friendly banter / good company that we keep coming back for?

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Mister Pete - Optimist @ 29/08/2019 21:16  

Pete, I think you hit the nail on the head; great company, good banter and fab weather (!) made the weekend.

Although admittedly the 'facilities' did leave a lot to be desired. The ladies toilets were down to two working cubicles, no loo roll (although I take my own, so no big deal) the sink was filthy (including the mahoosive block of soap and the grotty towel)! That's why I have my own wipes n hand wash etc. One working shower for the ladies, it was a tad grim but at least the water was hot and I didn't have to queue!

In all honesty it wasn't ideal but at £5 a night, I wasn't expecting The Ritz.

I never made it to the pub, so feel like I missed out a little but spent time with a lovely group of friends & new acquaintances. I also managed to get 1:1 time with someone very special.

Smiles as wide as a mile!

Thanks for putting the camp together guys & gals. 😁👍

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Lindsay @ 29/08/2019 22:32  

Everyone is moaning about the facilities but did none of you notice the public toilets just over the bridge?
You walked right past them on the way to the pub and back. Always clean, always bog roll.
The facilities weren't great but I didn't go to spend all day Sat on the pan.
Great weekend, great company, amazing roads, great pub (till it ran out of Doom Bar lol) and a site we could turn up without prebooking.
Big thanks to them wot organised it, I will get Shortbread there next year on her bike.

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The member formerly known as XJ @ 30/08/2019 09:28  

That would be good to see her getting her knee down on some of them roads

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Ragnar @ 30/08/2019 09:33  

Can I use your change please Chris to just say.
Trish & myself had a good time catching up with folk for a natter.
Thanks to JP for setting the weekend up for everyone.
Okay the facilities weren't 5 star but they were functional and did what they were there for, have known worse & better.
Yes Chris I do remember the toilets at Kent Custom bike show at Dymchurch, now they were rank!!.
The only real down side for us was the journeys up and home due to the amount of traffic but hey that's part of the weekend.
Will try again next year.
Many thanks to Jinx for the info on T300 spares, really useful.

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DAVE VM @ 30/08/2019 23:48  

Thanks JP I had a brilliant time, if any one dont like it they could of moved to another site, theres always some one who moans but you never see them organiseing an event

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Bikeabill @ 01/09/2019 16:05  

Well done JP, I had a brilliant time.
Good company, brilliant weather and some excellent ride outs (even of I was just bluffing the route most of the time).
Agreed the facilities are basic but for a fiver what do you expect? I managed to shower and dump whenever required which is more than can be said about many events. Perhaps it was less of a perceived problem on previous years when significantly less people turned up, or perhaps we're all getting a little more hygienic!
I will be back next year.

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Steve_H @ 01/09/2019 18:28  

My thoughts...any rally veteran always travels with loo roll or packs of tissues,ditto soap and towel(see Hitch hiker's Guide )..i too noticed and used the public loos below pub,especially after THAT much Black Dragon Cider (hic!) :)> For the really lazy,bramble hedges save a stagger to the loos,haha..
My tent is so compact and bijou that any field is big enough,lol..
Pub served good food,just a challenge to get orders in before massed ranks of caravanners !!
Must take some bread /rolls next year,to take advantage of free bacon offers,lol
Nice to have met some new faces,and all the usual suspects too..see you all at Lower Lode,after my epic 25 mile journey from home,lol..🏍👍
P.S. Traffic as we trundled back to Brum was almost non-existant on Monday,even down the M5 to home was sparse..bliss..:)>

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jinx57 @ 01/09/2019 18:48  

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