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What is wrong with Society?

What is wrong with Society? - Forums [Biker Match] What is wrong with Society? - Forums [Biker Match]
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What is wrong with Society?

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Whilst visiting a shopping center today,i had just put a ticket on my car,and was walking towards the shops.When i saw a little old lady coming out.She was obviously struggling to walk even though she was pushing a little shopping trolly.I smiled as i approached her.She immediately upon seeing a friendly face,asked."Would you please see me over the road?" I of course said i would.During this time their were people walking past her,no one had offered her any help.We first had to walk across a car park to get to the road,the little lady hanging on to me as she was really struggling.All i could think was please don't fall down,as i knew i wouldn't be able to hold her or pick her up,as i am still very much recovering from an accident myself.We crossed the road,and i asked where she lived.She replied a couple of streets away.We eventually got to her house,and i made sure she was safe inside,before leaving her.I looked at my watch and saw this had taken me half an hour to assist her to her house.Little time left on the car park ticket meant i had to just get a few bits of shopping instead of what was on my list.
As i drove home,i reflected on this event,and thought to myself.What sort of Society are we living in?Where people of all ages would just leave a person who was frail and so obviously struggling,apparently the old lady had already walked half way across town to try and get some money from her bank,but was told she couldn't draw any out as she had to have a new number.So she was very upset,and still had all that way to walk home...My nature has always been to help anyone if at all possible,and i believe a lot of people on this site would and do help each other out....Rant over.

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molli @ 07/01/2019 14:18  

It is a sad society we live in! Well done for helping the lady today, we need more people like you in this world!

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Deleted Member @ 07/01/2019 15:21  

Good for you Mollie 😊
We all need to be helpful and kind especially to the elderly, I'm sure we all would be grateful to receive it later in life.

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Deleted Member @ 07/01/2019 16:59  

Nice work Mollie. Probably most of the people who walked by were engrossed in their mobile phones! The world has certainly changed, and not for the better :(.

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Fozzy1964 @ 07/01/2019 17:16  

Couldn't agree more.

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Gallowglass @ 07/01/2019 18:12  

There's too much 'me' 'me' 'me' these days, I think technology has helped with this. People expect instant reactions or results and don't have time to think about other people. Less actual contact with others and more computer/ phone use. (Says I using a phone and on line)

Notice how few people say thank you, or offer a smile, when you hold a shop door open for them, or move out of their way. You may as well be invisible. Actually I've noticed my invisibility as I've got older. Bloody frustrating.

During the Christmas period bad manners were rife, I was so frustrated that I said in a loud voice 'All I want for Christmas is for folk to have manners' a woman walking in front of me burst out laughing. We Brits don't value senior citizens in our culture, like other countries do.

Wherever I go I always try to acknowledge others kindness, and consideration. A smile can make a person's day. It costs nowt to be polite.

Nice one Molli, you're a star ✳️👍

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Sandi @ 07/01/2019 20:22  

Well done for assisting the elderley lady today 👏👏

🌟⭐🌟⭐ 🌟 Service Molli.

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Lindsay @ 07/01/2019 20:32  

Bravo, to nobody seems to give a damn any more..i work with the elderly and disabled all year round,and the lack of consideration shown to people with canes ,wheelchairs,or 'walkers' is truly astonishing...all power to you..👍👍👍

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jinx57 @ 08/01/2019 10:37  

The death of Western Christianity and drinking from the poisoned Wells of the Cultural revolution.

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Deleted Member @ 12/01/2019 07:39  

I blame flying saucers in the hollow core of our Earth..:)

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jinx57 @ 12/01/2019 21:38  

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