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European Autumn Break

European Autumn Break (9) - Forums [Biker Match] European Autumn Break (9) - Forums [Biker Match]
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European Autumn Break

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already goin to france in may, but defo thinkin about it!wouldnt mind followin the ww2 arnhem bridge to far route! then down the rhine!an fk me i am thinkin about a sat nav!!think youve converted me!as fer campin its ok an i will if i have to,but i like travellin light an hotells tend to be cheaper only charging for the room in a lot of cases so cheaper still if sharing!

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tangoman60 @ 03/03/2008 09:46  

yea lets just get a couple of family rooms! lol Cant believe your getting a GPS now, jesus talk about a hypocrit! :-) You should though, i wasn't sure but it's definitely money well spent! I used to use the map pocket on my tank bag, but it's a nightmare (even impossible) to read whilst ur riding. Just got it all fitted up and its ace. Dead easy to fit (Several options come with it, including the one i used which was to attach to clutch bolts). I can answer fone calls using bluetooth and my bluetooth headset, listen to music (Which cuts off for the fone calls and directions etc). I'm dead chuffed, just wanna go out and use it. Feel like a kid at christmas again. You should head the english voices trying to pronounce the Dutch names - hahaha, really doesn't work. Dijk for example (Pronounced dike)

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Matt @ 03/03/2008 10:11  

Would have come with you Matt but have already committed to a trip to the Black Forrest around that time. If I can work out some finances then I may be able to make it but maybe for only half the trip as work commitments won't allow any more time off.

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Steve55 @ 03/03/2008 12:39  

Whats with the security screw on the Zumo holder? Ok it locks it into the holder - but all you gotta do is untwist the big screw thing on the RAM arm and the whole thing is free to walk away with ?????

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Matt @ 04/03/2008 10:10  

well i think i have another person comin on the trip hehe and hes a member of bm

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Deleted Member @ 07/04/2008 14:12  

not long now. We definitely need to get that route planned.

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Matt @ 16/04/2008 14:09  

lets hope the euro gets weaker or not any stronger spending power is cut by a fifth compared to a yr ago!!

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tangoman60 @ 18/04/2008 07:03  

i moved at the right time eh :-)

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Matt @ 18/04/2008 13:04  

cheap for yu to visit an get parts for bike etc!makes our goods cheaper in the union so should be good for some export bussiness !! and good for the uk's tourist industry!seein as Americans are dropping out cos of the strong pound weak dollar!but not good for Brits goin to europe

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tangoman60 @ 19/04/2008 09:58  

Let's get some more names down please on this, it should be a good laugh. Location will probably be a small ring around france, switzerland. This will keep the costs down and we can spend more time taking in the scenery at each location. Need to get hotels booked soon as well, so how many of us will there be?

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Matt @ 18/06/2008 13:57  

bump, we really need some more names down - this will be a great event

   Update Reply
Matt @ 27/06/2008 15:41  

Update: Almost got the hotels booked, around 50 euros a night on average. Some days travelling 300 miles. Total of 2,000 miles. Due to being unable to contact those wanting to go, I'm booking what I want and then I'll send out the details so that others can also book the same places.

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Matt @ 17/07/2008 09:16  


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Sandi @ 23/08/2008 10:10  

Hi All
I find myself alone again and needing a holiday, leaving on or around 10th Sept., so it would seem churlish not to join this merry band for at least some of the trip, if it's practical - but it all seems to have gone very quiet on this thread. Are you all PM-ing each other, or is no-one interested any more?
I'm minded to head off to Croatia via some biker campsites, taking about 3 weeks over it, so it may or may not make sense to tag along some of the way - depends on where you're heading. Can you let me know your current plans to see if it makes sense to join in?

p.s. now, I feel very silly for having to ask this, especially having been on this an other forums for ages, but what's the *bump*-ing and *nudge*-ing all about?

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manhill @ 26/08/2008 09:12  

Afternoon John B.U.M.P. is an internet acronym, literally meaning "Bring Up My Post" i.e. "Bumping" the thread/post back up to the top of the page in the forum. I think Nudge came from one of the Instant Messenger progs? Not sure as I don't use them. A similar thing I presume? As for the trip I don't know owt about it I'm afraid - someone more helpful will no doubt be along later

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Wannabe @ 26/08/2008 09:24  

well - I never knew BUMP actually stood for something!!!... As for the trip - I think you're better of PMing Matt directly Manhill - he's the main man of the site (it's his baby )

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 26/08/2008 09:36  

Perhaps you're not in touch with your inner geek HG?! I'm that sad, I go a-googling whenever I see an acronym/expression I don't know... *embraces inner geek *

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 26/08/2008 09:43  

you learn sommat every! day aint life wonderful!!

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tangoman60 @ 26/08/2008 11:15  

Ha ha! *CUBT*. In need of some serious *HHT*,to help relieve a *BBM*;o)

   Update Reply
Triumph_Sy @ 26/08/2008 14:00  

Oh I say!

You've made me go all unnecessary Arf! Hehehehe!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 26/08/2008 14:04  

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