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cold hands

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cold hands

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Just wondering what the best solution to cold , numb hands is when winter riding , ( apart from not riding at all , of course ) .
I rode out early Sunday morning and was only ten mins or so into ride when my hands were dead numb . Bearing in mind this is only October . My gloves are not mega expensive but also not cheapies , they are thermal and water proof .
Have seen heated gloves on ebay that you charge up before a ride - don't know how good these are .
Ones you connect up to bikes battery are expensive , at least £ 150 . I don't ride that much when it is really cold but when I do , I freeze . Is it worth paying this kind of cash I wonder ? Thing is , I have my bike test coming up soon and want to feel comfortable . Bloody carpel tunnel is also starting to set in with left hand which doesn't exactly help .

Can you help ?

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Stu69 @ 09/10/2018 22:03  

Have you looked at the wrap around heated grip things? Or heated grips?

I had a mate who attached the big mitten things to her handle bars and she said they made such a difference.... Or even the hand guard things tgst attach to bars but deflect the wind and I've heard they make a difference too

I used to wear silk glove inserts inside my gloves...... They def made a difference

And some heated grips are better than others

Hope this helps a bit...... Nothing worse..... I've git off bike before and when the blood came back into fingers they hurt so much it was agony!!!!! Oh the joys of winter riding..... But you gotta try keep warm or you'll lose concentration

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xSuzix @ 09/10/2018 22:17  

I too suffer with carpel tunnel in my right hand though, after riding for just 10 mins the deadness and cold starts to set in but I have found if you keep your upper body and arms especially toasty warm the blood flow is much improved and helps keep the hands warmer. Like Suzi says those silk glove inserts will help and also the oxford heated grips but I try to manage without the grips at the mo but will likely have to get some soon.

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yarg @ 09/10/2018 22:24  

I suffered with Carpel Tunnel for years. I would recommend having the operation, I had injections but they never really worked.

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bkcim @ 09/10/2018 22:26  

Suzi beat me to it, I also recommend silk gloves. 👍

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Sandi @ 10/10/2018 00:03  

I had wind shield thingys on one of my bikes and they worked pretty well. I have had big mits years ago but I had probe being able to use the controls properly. I bought cold killer inners for my gloves, they are not bad. Hubby had carpal tunnel in both hands, injections worked very well for him

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Lynn1584 @ 10/10/2018 00:12  

Handlebar muffs or heated grips are the best ways.

If you do use heated grips, wire them into the ignition, so that when you switch the bike off they switch off with it. Saves a flat battery if you forget to switch them off.

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Deleted Member @ 10/10/2018 00:29  

I use the Barkbuster Blizzard hand guards, you can still see the controls and the wind/rain is kept off your hands especially your thumbs.
Used with heated grips it helps a lot.
Easily fitted in 30min.
Search on ebay

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Deleted Member @ 10/10/2018 05:23  

I have handlebar muffs on the bike which keep the wind and wet off your hands and wrists, plus I used the battery operated heated gloves last year and it was the business. They lasted the journey at a pleasant heated level (as much as my hands can't bear the cold, the don't do well with too hot either). Plugged em at work to give a bit of recharge if needed and it made for much pleasant journies. I don't know how they would be on a long journey, as I hadn't tried em out like that, but for a commute I can highly recommend. Ok they aren't the cheapest but worth every SINGLE penny.

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rowanblossom @ 10/10/2018 06:29  

Heated grips with muffs is the best way, the muffs keep the heat from the grips.

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Ragnar @ 10/10/2018 07:20  

Thanks guys . Those hand guards sound good . Was thinking about the muffs but heard that over a certain speed , the wind blows them back against the controls , also can be a pain if you need to remove hand to flip up visor or something ?
They are an affordable option though . Don't think heated grips fit my present bike so may need to wait on that . Saw the inner gloves , may try those . Had the operation for severe carpel tunnel in my right hand some years ago , now experiencing problems with left hand ,( no where near as bad but enough to warrant the injections ) . Just waiting for appointment . Cheers everyone . All the best .

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Stu69 @ 10/10/2018 21:53  

I've never had a problem with them getting in the way, and to be honest, once you get used to the muffs being on, its fine. As to the speed thing, again never had an issue, but it depends on what speed you were thinking about :-)

Have a good look round as you can get a lot of price difference, and also it depends on whether you like a "brand" or not.

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rowanblossom @ 11/10/2018 06:26  

I've hand guards on both my bikes and they only keep a little off, On one off my bikes if I was doing a long trip in winter I would take the guards off and put the muffs on.
When folks have problems with muffs it's normally the gloves or to big for the muffs, I would get away with using mid season gloves in the winter

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Ragnar @ 11/10/2018 07:24  

Thanks Rowanblossom and Ragnar . Do they fit to any bike ?

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Stu69 @ 11/10/2018 20:42  

you can put in your search the type of bike. I know one of the lads who parks his scooter next to mine at work was so enamoured he bought a pair without checking and they were waaaay to big. However I got mine on Ebay and added Honda CB500F to the search and loads popped up. I actually don't think it matters too much as they have straps etc, but I'm guessing different bars and mirrors make a difference. Ooh and if you really want to go for it they have thermal lined ones :-)

If you are a year round, all weather biker, then quite honestly if you can't do heated grips/gloves then this is the way to go. I have used mine for 5 years now so they are at replacing stage. In fact mine stay on all year round, as I really struggle when my hands and wrists get cold from the wind.

Hope that helps :-)

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rowanblossom @ 12/10/2018 06:22  


Thanks guys . Those hand guards sound good . Was thinking about the muffs but heard that over a certain speed , the wind blows them back against the controls , also can be a pain if you need to remove hand to flip up visor or something ?
They are an affordable option though . Don't think heated grips fit my present bike so may need to wait on that . Saw the inner gloves , may try those .

I use those barkbusters at well over 100mph and they do not collapse or get in the way .

I will post some pictures in my profile galley

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Deleted Member @ 12/10/2018 11:19  

Thanks Rowanblossom and Andy I will check that out . Much appreciated .

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Stu69 @ 12/10/2018 20:18  

Some excellent advice here for when I get back on the road again!! When I was commuting on the bike to work (30 mile round trip) in Winter 2 years ago I just used to tough it out with thin thermal gloves/liners under my normal leather gloves, my fingers were always freezing after 10 miles though :( I will in future remember these suggestions from everyone, nice one, cheers :) x

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Dee7 @ 12/10/2018 20:30  

I agree with you Dee , great advice from like - minded people who care and really want to help . Good stuff .

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Stu69 @ 13/10/2018 21:20  

Hand guards work for old Tiger900 has them standard,bought several cheapy Hong Kong sets off Ebay,and luckily 'universal fit' means they will mount on most bikes...use them in coldest months on my 955i Speed Triple,and all year round on Verity(Honda 500 hack/winter bike) usually about £8 inc.pnp...never had heated grips on a bike yet,usually wear summer leather winter gloves cost the wrong side of £120,(but usually too warm,sweaty palms and fingers),do the job fine.Quality reflects price sometimes...:)>.

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jinx57 @ 20/10/2018 20:47  

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